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      Rescuing Tiny Tomatoes Gone Soft

      ‘Tis the season of overabundance. The grape, cherry and Sun Gold tomatoes that are so delightful at this time of year often turn out to be more than any one family can eat fresh. Next thing you know, there are annoying fruit flies hovering over your glowing baskets full of tiny tomatoes and you don’t know what to do except throw them — with deep regret — into the compost pile.

      basil herbs pots ready to be planted

      My No-Frills Kitchen Garden

      I’ve had to be brutally honest with myself. The harsh reality is that when it comes to horticulture, while I may aspire to a green thumb, mine is mostly black and blue. No amount of planning, Miracle-Gro, cultivating, raised beds, sweat or physical labor has ever produced the kind of stunning vegetable sanctuary I dream of.

      13 for ’13; Our Top Stories of the Year

      EdibleLongIsland.com started in April, so we didn’t get a full year in, but what we got was a doozy. We’ve only scratched the surface of covering Western Suffolk and Nassau, so stay tuned. We did learn that Long Islanders like pickles. Our top story had twice as many readers as number 2.