Summer 2014

      Summer 2014

      Some families are blessed to have a doctor in the house. Other families count their lucky stars to have an attorney among their ranks. Betsy Davidson’s family has far more auspicious bragging rights: they count an honest to goodness hamburger expert as one of their own.

      There’s No Place Like Home

      Much like Dorothy, Marc Anthony Bynum has found his heart’s desire in his own backyard. The Farmingdale native and two-time Food Network’s Chopped champion is nearly ready to open the doors to his first restaurant, Hush Bistro, in his own backyard, on Farmingdale’s Main Street.

      Farmigo Online Farmers Market Gaining in Popularity

      Farmigo, a virtual farmers market connecting consumers directly with growers, is cropping up in a multitude of unlikely places on Long Island. Cafeterias, schools, restaurants and even yoga studios have become drop-off sites for local produce. Preordered online by health-savvy consumers, Farmigo’s mission statement is to “connect people with real food from small-scale local and regional producers.”

      Happiness is a Bowl of Cherries

      Sweetness abounds in the summertime on Long Island. Our gardens, farm stands and farmers markets are chock-full of sun-ripened sweetness. From beans and corn to peppers and tomatoes, our summer harvest is as luscious as it is abundant. Still, the sweetest taste of summer comes from Mother Nature’s confection, fruit.

      Watermelon Mojitos

      Whatever the origins, this refreshing cocktail has island-hopped its way north steadily (helped by the fact that it was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite tipples), and here on Long Island it is acquiring a local flavor.