12 Holiday Wishes From Edible’s Staff

To celebrate some of our favorite food related items or experiences, our staff has made a wish list. It’s inspired both by near and far, but undeniably has several common themes: what we like to eat, and how and where we like to enjoy it.

Confessions of a Thanksgiving Slacker

In the past, I’ve slathered my share of turkeys in butter, perspired over pies and noodled over nouveau-style macaroni and cheese. But, I’ve reached the conclusion that the role of top Thanksgiving chef—while perhaps personally gratifying and certainly a boost to the ego—may just be overrated.

Giving Thanks at Restoration Farm

Homemade pies filled with locally grown winter squash, chunky fresh cranberry sauce, root vegetables, garlic, broccoli and Brussels sprouts filled the cornucopias of members at Restoration Farm in Old Bethpage as the community gathered for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration.

Garlic Therapy

Depending on your perspective, the annual autumn garlic planting at Restoration Farm in Old Bethpage is the epilogue of the current growing calendar or a prelude of the season to come.