Great South Bay Produces Small Batches of Beer Developed by Home Brewers

Chris Kelley, member of local home brewing club Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts, had an idea: organize and host a Chopped style brew day. Ten teams, each with a head brewer and one or two assistants, were randomly assigned a style of beer and two ingredients, such as wood, peaches or habanero peppers; Kelley’s team drew a rye IPA base with orange peel and basil.

basil herbs pots ready to be planted

My No-Frills Kitchen Garden

I’ve had to be brutally honest with myself. The harsh reality is that when it comes to horticulture, while I may aspire to a green thumb, mine is mostly black and blue. No amount of planning, Miracle-Gro, cultivating, raised beds, sweat or physical labor has ever produced the kind of stunning vegetable sanctuary I dream of.