Emily Peterson is a food writer, culinary instructor, and Executive Chef at Astor Center in New York City. Emily is a professor of food studies at NYU and Montclair State University. Her work has been featured on Martha Stewart, Robb Report, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, FOX, Food Network and Vegetarian Times. Chef Emily hosts the weekly call-in radio show Sharp & Hot on HeritageRadioNetwork.org. She lives on a 250-year old family farm with her husband, son, cat named Oyster, a flock of chickens and a dog named Rooster.

Ask Chef Emily: Washing Produce and Meat

Take that baby out of the package, blot with single-use paper towels if you must, season to your heart’s content and proceed with cooking, secure in the idea that your biome is taking care of you so you can focus on more import things. Like side dishes.