Five Ocean Bar & Grill Brings Excellent, Beachy Eats to Long Beach

Photo courtesy of Five Ocean Bar & Grill

Eastern Long Island may cannibalize the waterfront view, but the west is coming up strong. Enter Five Ocean Bar & Grill, with its sand-adjacent patio, leading directly onto Long Beach. Once home to Danny Mac’s Pizza Cove, Vito’s Fish and Chips, and The Overlook, the overhaul is the work of an eastern Long Islander, Craig Attwood, who spent time in both East Hampton and Jamesport.

Unlike many restaurants with a view, Five Ocean Bar & Grill serves three meals a day, seven days a week, though its not clear what the hours will look like when the season changes. Every evening from 3 to 6 p.m., the restaurant offers a promotional Happy Hour, with discounted drinks and $5 fried chicken. Add to that live music, a view of the ocean, local oysters with a cucumber mignonette, and the ability to run straight from wherever you happen to be eating into a cold, crisp body of water, and, well, I’m sold.

The restaurant is on the small side, and, with warmer weather on its way, the crowds are likely to turn this newcomer into an even more popular destination restaurant. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you may need to plan ahead to make this restaurant part of your rotation. Food is more than just underwhelming beach fare. Breakfast biscuits are homemade, fish is local, and the dinner menu changes weekly, betraying a dedication both to quality and creativity. Diners will see cultural touchstones everywhere, from the jicama-cabbage slaw to the pan-seared local fish with Israeli cous cous to the vegetable red curry with coconut milk and basmati rice. Casual food never had it so good. It’s refreshing to see beach food taken so seriously.