5 Sushi Restaurants You Need to Try on Long Island

Photo by Youjeen Cho

I am dreaming, these days, of sushi, of fresh fish pressed into vinegar rice, of an expression of food honed by centuries of Japanese artisans. Long Island has started to embrace the American passion for sushi, and, lucky for us, there are more and more places serving incredible food that we can be proud of. Read on for five picks for great sushi on Long Island.


This traditional Japanese restaurant, in Carle Place, utilizes the local fish market of Freeport. You won’t find a newfangled take on sushi here. Rolls are straightforward, and that’s part of the appeal. When you’re finished with your raw courses, move on to homemade gyoza and ramen, both of which are impressive.


Head to Port Washington for this popular Japanese spot, where you can enjoy the omakasé, a theatrical display of the day’s best fish, played out through a multi-course meal. In addition to the more conventional fish, you’ll also find three kinds of mackerel here, including horse mackerel and Japanese mackerel.

aka Sushi

At this Westbury restaurant, you’ll truly encounter a diamond in the rough (the restaurant is housed within a strip mall). The sushi selections change in accordance with the seasons, so you will benefit from the expertise of the sushi chef. And that’s a pretty good thing to go by.


For a more formal, decorous experience, head to Ginza in Massapequa, where you can sample everything from toro to Japanese snapper to live clam. The restaurant also offers a chef’s tasting menu, which is perfect for the more adventurous sushi lover.


Everything is special at Shoshaku, in Great Neck, including the noodles and snacks. But if you came for the sushi, specifically, you won’t be disappointed. The chalkboard alerts diners to special fish that are flown in for the occasion, and the affordable omakasé menu offers up such culinary riches as sea urchin (uni) and fried prawn heads.