Edible Eat of the Week: The Juice Cleanse at Organic Corner in Massapequa

Photo courtesy of Organic Corner

The Eat: The Organic Corner Juice Cleanse—which is way tastier than it sounds, we promise.

The Place: Organic Corner in Massapequa.

The Story: It’s January, and that can only mean one thing: In addition to all those resolutions that you may or may not keep from here on in, it’s time for a reset. December was the feast: cookies, ham, prime rib, caviar, wine, Champagne, and a slice of Yule log or two. But those days are behind us now. New year, new start, and that means it’s time to get the diet in gear. I mean it. I’m doing it this time.

The struggle to reset is real. Which is why it’s easier to outsource. In Massapequa, Organic Corner provides a comprehensive juice cleanse. Every day, your cooler will include five different fresh-pressed vegetable juices in glass bottles. There are two green juices (cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, kale, green apple), one red juice (beets, carrot, red apple, lemon), one orange juice (just carrots), one yellow juice (lemons, agave, cayenne), one protein milk (almond or cashew), and one wheatgrass shot. Choose between daily, weekly, and 10-day options, all with different pricing structures—the base daily price, without additional add-ons, is $79/day, but there are slight price incentives to buying a week’s worth at a time. 

There are pick-up and local delivery options, too, and you can pick up two days’ worth of juices at a time, which means less driving, less shopping, less… everything. And yes, I know you were planning on using that new Breville juicer that you got for Christmas, but who really has the time for all that? Keeping this one resolution just got a little easier. And fear not: in February, you can go right back to those French fries for lunch. No one’s judging.