Regal Caterers Serves Glatt Kosher Cuisine Fit for Royalty

Regal Caterers glatt kosher cuisine

Regal Caterers’ cuisine is whimsical, creative and all-around excellent—and it just so happens to be glatt kosher, too.

Kosher cuisine has come a long way—and nowhere is its progress more apparent than at Regal Caterers. Located at the Woodbury Jewish Center on Long Island, Regal Caterers has been bringing inventive, whimsical glatt kosher cuisine to the tristate area for years, simultaneously meeting the highest kosher standards while shifting people’s perspective of what kosher cuisine could actually mean. 

In order for food to be considered “glatt kosher,” it must meet the strictest standard of kashrut, or Jewish dietary law. All of the basic rules for kosher cuisine still apply: no pork; no shellfish; no marriage of meat and dairy; all animals must be slaughtered in line with kosher regulations. From there, glatt kosher cuisine turns it up a notch. In order for meat to be considered glatt, for example, it must come from an animal with smooth, adhesion-free lungs. For many kosher eateries, the edicts of glatt kosher cuisine are too challenging to follow. Not so at Regal Caterers.

Regal Caterers hot dogs

Glatt kosher cuisine meets the strictest standards of Jewish dietary law, but you’d never know it from looking at (or tasting) Regal Caterer’s cuisine.

“People sometimes say to me, ‘It must be so challenging for you, adhering to the laws of glatt kosher while catering,’ but the reality is, it’s not a challenge at all,” says Tom Cataldo, senior director of catering at CulinArt, Regal Caterers’ parent company. “Glatt kosher is just the law we abide by. It’s no more challenging than following a recipe. The only real challenge is the one we pose to ourselves: ‘How are we going to take things to the next level? How are we going to elevate our next event or dining experience?’”

This is a challenge that Cataldo and his team have mastered. Their culinary offerings are always creative and often thrilling—Korean fried chicken and waffles, anyone?—served impeccably, with just enough whimsy. And the best part? All of their culinary offerings are completely customizable, and tailored to your individual taste.

“When you come to Regal Caterers, you have a wide variety of options,” says Cataldo. “When you look at one of our menus, you won’t feel limited whatsoever. In fact, when most people experience our food, they have no clue it’s even glatt kosher. It’s just a fabulous dining experience with fabulous food and fabulous service. We hear it all the time from people who don’t even identify as Jewish: ‘If this is kosher, I’m going kosher.’ For us, there’s no higher compliment.”

“We hear it all the time from people who don’t even identify as Jewish: ‘If this is kosher, I’m going kosher.’ For us, there’s no higher compliment,” says Tom Cataldo, senior director of catering at CulinArt, Regal Caterers’ parent company

Cataldo attributes Regal Caterers’ success to the company’s approach to both its cuisine and service. As a rule, Regal Caterers uses only fresh, organic and local-when-possible ingredients; as a result, their cuisine tastes much better than what most people have come to expect from catering. The company also prides itself on hiring young, progressive-minded chefs. “Our chefs are so passionate,” says Cataldo. “Their thought process is so out-of-the-box, so we just follow their lead, upping the ante and the ‘wow’ factor.” 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, “wow” is a word that Cataldo hears a lot—as wedding guests feast on hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour, as bar and bat mitzvah guests savor every morsel of their meals, as private dinner party guests mingle for hours over food that not only meets their dietary requirements, but exceeds their highest expectations.

With Regal Caterers at the helm of an event, guests and hosts alike can just sit back and enjoy the party.

“As big as we are, and as much of a reputation as we have, we’re so boutique in nature,” says Cataldo. “For us, cliche catering is a thing of the past. Every day, we’re moving further and further away from it, as we continue to prioritize freshness, sustainability, and personalization. We design menus for your needs, your palate and your tastes. All you have to do is enjoy the party.”

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