Edible Eat of the Week: The Apple Pie Yogurt from Nounós Creamery

Nounos Creamery

Photo by Nounos Creamery

The Eat: A line of Long Island-based Greek yogurts with fall-tastic flavors.

The Place: Nounós Creamery in West Babylon—and, more specifically, your grocery store’s dairy aisle.

The Story: In West Babylon, Steven Ioannou and John Belesis have been making Greek yogurt for a number of years now. The small operation began as a dream, when they sought to replicate a style of yogurt that they had first eaten in the Mediterranean. They introduced their own line of bag-strained yogurts in 2013, and hit the ground running.

These aesthetically pleasing yogurts come in terra cotta and glass vessels, fruit on the bottom, yogurt on top. (Less plastic is a win for all of us.) Low-fat yogurts come in tons of interesting flavors, like coconut mango, forest berries, tart cherry, and strawberries and cream. There is also a line of whole milk blended yogurts (say yes to the black and blueberry blend).

And while the line of yogurts is an anytime indulgence, the creamery has released a few fall flavors that are particularly good in season. The pumpkin spice yogurt puts all those PSLs to shame. And apple pie a la mode? It’s a much healthier way to eat pastry than the old fashioned way, with none of the sacrifice.

You’re about to start seeing a lot more of this small, Long Island-based creamery, actually. The company was recently invested in by Accel Foods. Yogurt is still produced entirely here, on Long Island, but the brand will reach national distribution soon, meaning more access to pumpkin pie spice, wherever you happen to find yourself (in season, of course). It’s a sweet treat you can feel good about, no matter when you eat it. Delicious Greek yogurt with seasonal flavors that is made in our own community? Who can say no to that?

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