4 Local Farms to Source Your Thanksgiving Turkey on Long Island


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

If you’ve been perseverating about how to find the best possible bird on Long Island, allow us to put your worries to rest. You can still score the perfect holiday turkey, with a little help from your friends (us!). This is your year: out with the frozen and in with the fresh-from-the-farm. The benefits of eating fresh turkey at Thanksgiving are multiple, but here’s the most important note: It just tastes better! And if you’ve never made fresh turkey before, this is your year, fellow foodie. Here are our picks for the best turkeys on greater Long Island.

Raleigh’s Poultry Farm
King’s Park

Orders for these birds begin on November 1 and can be placed online, in person, or over the phone. This family-owned farm, which opened in 1960, sells birds big and small, but act soon: One thing that’s certain is that Raleigh’s will sell out quickly. Reach them by phone at 631.269.4428.

Kerber’s Farm

Each November, this farm offers a limited number of fresh turkeys, which must be ordered in advance, either online, or by phone. Call for availability: 631.423.4400 and pick up times and dates.

Makinajian Poultry Farm

Also in Huntington, this go-to poultry farm sells some of the best birds on Long Island. Pricing and availability change each year, so call for the most updated information. Birds must be reserved in advance, which can be done over the phone or in person. Call 631.368.9320 for more information.

Miloski’s Poultry Farm

Miloski’s has been selling birds since the mid-1940s, and that means reliable quality every time. Free-range turkeys, which are free of antibiotics and steroids, go for $5.10/lb. To order your bird, call 631.727.0239. Pickup is on the farm.

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