Edible Eat of the Week: Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms at Noah’s in Greenport

zucchini blossoms long island

Photo courtesy of Noah’s

Welcome to the sixth Edible Eat of the Week! A recurring series, Edible Eat of the Week celebrates the bounty of Long Island by showcasing special, seasonal eats and the people who make them. 

The Eat: Stuffed zucchini blossoms.

The Place: Noah’s in Greenport.

The Story: Stuffed zucchini blossoms are ubiquitous at restaurants in Italy, but on Long Island they can be extremely hard to find. The good news? Hard-to-find is not, in this instance, a euphemism for impossible, and you actually can find them if you know when and where to look—namely, right now, in August, and at Noah’s in Greenport.

“[We source our blossoms] from our good friend Peter at Orient Organics Farm, but also from our own garden at home where we have several prolific blossoming squash plants that help to supplement our supply,” say Noah and Sunita Schwartz, the husband-and-wife team behind Noah’s. “Our stuffed squash blossoms are filled with goat cheese and blended with chopped local basil, and served atop a small bed of Satur Farms wild arugula and cherry tomatoes from Peter’s farm in Orient.”

And while there are many names for zucchini blossoms—squash blossoms, courgette flowers, fiori di zucca, ‘gagootz flowers,’ and more—at Noah’s, the only phrases fit to describe them are “fresh and summery” and “straight-up delicious.”

“[We] love stuffed squash blossoms because they have many different textures and temperatures when you present the plate,” says Noah. “They also have a beautiful color. They are tempura battered so the outside is crispy but the filling stays cool to warm.”

The same cannot be said about the blossoms’ reception from local diners; the demand is scorching hot. So head out to Greenport to enjoy this summer staple this week—before it sells out.

Pro Tip: Pair with a local rosé, such as Anthony Napa’s White Pinot Noir (which, yes, is available at Noah’s).

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