Hometown Bake Shop Finds a Second Hometown

Photo courtesy of Hometown Bake Shop

Golden scones rising up high from the palm of an abstract hand, studded with bright, festive colors that melt into a flaxen canvas of dough, crowned by a swirl of bright white frosting. Fluffy doughnuts cut in half to expose centers full of runny eggs and smoky ham as hollandaise sauce oozes out in an enticingly sunny outpouring. Cross-sections of flaky, savory pies, densely packed with combinations like Swiss cheese, pulled pork, pickles, and ham; Thanksgiving feast throwbacks like roasted turkey, yams, and tart cranberry sauce; or a kaleidoscope of deeply hued vegetables layered alluringly to taunt even the most carnivorous of tastes to the garden side of a menu. Dessert pies to finish, in flavors like salted caramel and pretzel and SweetCan, where syrupy roasted pecans are “iced” with whipped sweet potatoes and what appears to be a dollop of marshmallow fluff.

These are the Instagram images that have haunted my midnight scrolling, as I pine for the ingenious concoctions that Danna Abrams, a Momofuku Milk Bar and Kerber’s Farm veteran, bakes from the far reaches of the North Shore at Hometown Bake Shop.

Because as any Long Islander will attest, getting from north to south can often be as challenging as heading east to west, despite actual distance. Mileage means nothing in the good fight against traffic, and cafe hours make it nigh impossible to get there before the kitchen’s last call.

But soon, dreams of creme brulee pies and biscuits whose insides reveal sausage, egg, and melty cheese are to become a reality for South Shore residents like myself, as Hometown Bake Shop prepares to open a location in Patchogue later this summer. In other words: Chicken pot pies, eggplant burrata, bagel bombs, and beautiful bars that compete with Willy Wonka himself for pure imagination are on their way!

Similar to the Centerport location, the Patchogue location of Hometown Bake Shop will feature counter-order service, where customers will be able to order from a display case as well as from a to-order menu. With up to 65 seats, this more modern venue is a bit more ambitious in size, but its occupancy is certainly not where owner Abrams’s ambition ends.

“Some new items to be sold exclusively in Patchogue will include more brunch options, breads sold by the loaf, and a more extensive lunch menu,” she says. “We love the feel of home-cooked meals at our Centerport store, so we want to incorporate that ‘from our oven to your table motto.’ So of course, as always, everything will be made from scratch.”

“We’ll be doing cooked dishes like savory pies, lunch sandwiches, and egg sandwiches,” Abrams continues, “all with touches inspired by different parts of my life.” The Huntington native, for example, has drawn on her own sentimentality for inventions like her Nonna and Sunday Dinner pies, and is excited to see how Patchogue will inspire her next.

“When looking to expand, we found that Patchogue just has so much to offer, and we loved the growing community around it. Patchogue celebrates food culture, and the town’s passion and respect for a good meal is something we were drawn to,” she says.

I can only speak for myself, but the feeling is mutual. A price range of $3 to $8 for scones and bars and $4 to $13 for sandwiches makes trying a bit of everything a tough chance to pass up, and pies (from $22) and cakes (from $15) are bound to be hits as hostess gifts. However, come fall, the only welcome wagon present Hometown Bake Shop hopes for is that of our presence. 

Welcome to the South Shore! And may this new hometown be another one after your own heart.