5 Local Beers You Need to Drink This Summer on Long Island


Summer is here, time for some beer. • Photo courtesy of Great South Bay Brewery

Summertime is here! And whether you’re heading to the beach, the ballpark or a barbeque, you’re gonna need a beer.

Long Island boasts an incredible amount of craft breweries (thirty-six in Suffolk alone!) so the choices are myriad and often daunting.  Though many options exist for all palates, these beers offer wide appeal and are sure to please through the languid months to come.

Beehave (5.3% ABV) by Greenport Harbor Brewing Company


Photo courtesy of Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.

Aptly named, this ale is “modestly hopped with orange blossom honey.” The touch of honey persists in each sip and melds with a slightly biscuity finish.

“It’s easily one of our most popular beers,” says head brewer Pat Alfred. “Super approachable, crisp with a hint of honey blossom on the finish. Perfect for enjoying in good weather.”

Pro Tip: Enjoy al fresco with local goat cheese drizzled with honey.

Blonde Ambition (5.0% ABV) by Great South Bay Brewery

Photo courtesy of Great South Bay Brewery

This beer pours a clear, deep yellow. Flavored with apricot, it’s floral and almost perfumey. “It’s effortlessly drinkable and pairs great with lighter foods,” says head brewer Greg Maisch. “It’s simple, fruity and refreshing. Perfect for summer!”

Pro Tips: Have it with a grilled chicken Caesar salad or fish tacos. Also, grab it in 12-ounce cans for your next tailgate or concert!

Lawn Lager (4.7% ABV) by Moustache Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Moustache Brewing

Lawn Lager is clean, straightforward and everything the big macro-beers could be. Pouring with a familiar, yellow hue the nose is more malty and bready with haylike notes. Smooth and thirst-quenching, it makes a perfect, post-mowing treat.

“Lawn is a very simple beer,” says Moustache head brewer Matt Spitz. “ Clean and refreshing, it’s one of my favorites in the summer… and all year ‘round.”

Pro Tip: Slug back a few of these tall boys (available in 16-ounce cans) with a juicy burger or some snappy hotdogs.

Nerd Girl (6.1% ABV) by Barrage Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Barrage Brewing

From the tanks of Steve Pominski’s Barrage Brewing (a BAR-gaRAGE) comes this super crisp and super versatile pilsner. A light orange pour, this pils is dosed with Mosaic and Citra hops creating a bright sharpness. The balance of malt adds a touch of marmalade.

“Pilsners can be so much more when produced with the right hops and flavors.” says Pominski.

Pro Tip: Have the Nerd Girl over at your next cookout. It’ll kill with fatty, juicy brats or blackened shrimp tacos.

Waikiki Wheat (4.8% ABV) by Destination Unknown Beer Company

Photo courtesy of Destination Unknown

Cloudy orange pour with a slightly reddish hue, this ale is brewed with hibiscus and guava creating floral notes that dominate but do not overpower.

“This is a great summer beer,” says head brewer Chris Candiano. “It’s super sessionable and hibiscus gives it a rosé character.”

Pro Tip: Try it with ceviche, seared tuna or a cool, shrimp salad. (Feeling really adventurous? Make a boiler-maker with a shot of tequila Reposado. Ay caramba!)

No longer a symbol of low-class brew, all these tasty and well-crafted libations come in eco-friendly, durable and highly portable cans making them perfect for all your summertime adventures. As a bonus, the lower alcohol payload means the sun should be the only thing to get you burnt. 

So sit back, dig your toes in the sand and crack a cold one. Cheers!