North Fork Doughnut Company to Open Second Location in Bay Shore

Once upon a time, a young couple from Yaphank quit their day jobs to sell doughnuts in Mattituck. 

North Fork Doughnut Company—or NoFoDoCo, as it’s nicknamed—became a huge success and they lived happily ever after. 

And now they’re expanding to Bay Shore, with a brand-new shop located at 1 East Main Street, slated to open in either late summer or early fall.

Open just one year, the amazing success of North Fork Doughnut Company does sound almost like a fairy tale; even talking to owners Kelly Briguccia and Jimmy Lyons, sounds as if their career in the doughnut arts was pre-ordained.

“Believe it or not our first date was at Dunkin Donuts,” says Kelly, laughing. “We were like, ‘Wow, this was really meant to be, the universe works in mysterious ways.’ Our love for donuts and coffee really brought us together.” 

“One of the first things I remember when we started dating was that she wanted to open a bakery,” Jimmy says. “We always knew we wanted to do something together and I learned a lot about baking from her and her mother’s recipes.” 

doughnut from north fork doughnut company

Photo courtesy of NoFoDoCo

That love of baking, a passion for doughnuts and a desire to create something of their own led them to take a chance and start their own business. Soon they were baking doughnuts at home, testing recipes, and looking at real estate.

“We started making them in our tiny little condo,” says Kelly. “All the flavors were so delicious, and that’s when we said, ‘We’re going to do this!'”

When they found the former Yogurt Expressions space on Main Road in Mattituck, they knew it was the perfect spot.

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“Jimmy’s mom has a second home on the North Fork and when we started dating he would bring me out here,” Kelly says. “I know it sounds cliche, but we fell in love out here. How could you not love it out here?” 

Perfecting their recipe took time, as they learned how heat, humidity, proof time and a million other things affected their doughnuts.

“These are yeast doughnuts and we’d never worked with yeast in such a large quantity,” Kelly says. “We lost so many doughnuts over the summer because of the temperature and the humidity. Even now in winter, we’re learning how cold affects them.”

“We had a great recipe, they’re great doughnuts but it was all about the nuance,” Jimmy says. “The mixing time, the amount of water we used, the number of dry ingredients, the amount of proofing time, there are so many moving parts to this process.” 

Out of all that trial and error, they have created an amazing product; sweet, chewy, delicious softball-sized doughnuts in an amazing variety of flavors. This is truly a destination treat that people are happy to make the journey to experience.

north fork doughnut company almond joy

Photo courtesy of NoFoDoCo

When NoFoDoCo opened in June 2018, they immediately filled a void on the North Fork as nobody at that time was making homemade doughnuts from scratch. They were an overnight hit as doughnut fans literally beat a path to their door.

Every day NoFoDoCo serves about 10 doughnut varieties, from the familiar jelly, cinnamon and glazed varieties to more unusual flavors like Bacon Maple, Samoas, and Key Lime Pie. Limited edition flavors have included Peanut Butter and Jelly, S’Mores and Rainbow Cookie.

“The Caramel Coffee Cake is probably our number one seller,” Jimmy says. “Cannoli is a new one that’s been crushing.”

Jimmy and Kelly are always testing new flavors and releasing doughnut flavors to meet the demand. 

That demand has been so great at times they can barely keep up the supply. In fact one recent weekend NoFoDoCo closed early because they literally ran out of doughnuts. 

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Demand is also what has enabled NoFoDoCo, now, to grow. They’ve purchased the space next door to their shop in Mattituck, to expand their kitchen and cafe, and they’ll be opening up their second shop in Bay Shore later this summer. The new location—again, located at 1 East Main Street—is directly across the street from Coastal Kitchen.

“We chose Bay Shore for our second shop because it seems like a neighborhood that embodies everything we love about the North Fork,” Jimmy says. “It’s up-and-coming, there are tons of amazing small businesses and we feel that we can be a part of something really special in Bay Shore. There’s a movement happening over there and we want to contribute what we can.”

North Fork Doughnut Co. is located at 13175 Main Road in Mattituck.