Wine-Infused Cannoli Arrive on Long Island

wine-infused cannoli in Massapequa

Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Johnston Photography

Alcohol-infused treats are having a moment—and, if you’re anything like us, you’re here for it. There are Moscow Mule-flavored gummy bears and whiskey-flavored ice cream; rosé doughnuts and Merlot-flavored macarons.

And now, in Massapequa, there are Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli!

Cavit Collection, a leading Italian wine in America, has partnered with Massapequa’s own Kannoli Kraze to create an entire line of wine-infused sweets, including cannoli, cannoli pops and cannoli cake pups.

You can pick up these boozy treats in-person, at the Kannoli Kraze store (located at 830 North Broadway in Massapequa), or order them online via the company’s website, now through June 16.

In-store, the Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli are $5 each, with mini versions priced at $2 each. Online, mini cannoli are available for purchase at $35 per dozen (plus shipping). Both cannoli pops and cake cups can be purchased online, as well, at $40 and $45 (plus shipping), respectively, for a half dozen.

But what can you expect from the wine-infused cannoli themselves? With light and crispy shells, these cannoli are built to showcase the Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli cream piped inside them, which lends a delicious, faint fruitiness to the traditional ricotta-based cream. These cannoli are, in a word, delicious—which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Kannoli Kraze.

The company was founded in 2013—then-operating as Kannoli Kings, out of a food truck—and opened their first retail location in 2016. Their cannoli frequently pop up in the media—last year, for example, they were recognized as New York’s best cannoli shop by Lux Magazine—and locally at weddings, sweet 16s and bar and bat mitzvahs.

For more on Kannoli Kraze in Massapequa, please visit the company’s website.