Our Guide to Getting Through the Dead of Winter on Long Island

There are plenty of reasons to love winter on Long Island.

I have never met a child who hates winter with even a fraction as much venom as the average, winter-hating adult. This may, of course, come down to the fact that children don’t have to shovel snow, or stand outside until their fingers freeze from scraping ice off their windshields, or drive through already-bad traffic made worse by the appearance of a single snowflake during a long commute.

Or maybe it’s all of that—plus something else.

“What do you like about winter?” I ask the 5-year-old daughter of one of my dearest friends.

She giggles before she answers. “I like when it snows and we get to have hot chocolate and cookies,” she says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Like, frankly, I’m an idiot even for asking.

“But don’t you like the summer more?” I ask. “Because you get to go to the beach and go swimming and eat hotdogs and hamburgers?”

Again, she laughs and—with no small degree of exasperation—she says: “Aunt Meghan, I like it all!”

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There is a lot to like about living on Long Island. During the summer, our region’s bounty is obvious. Wherever you go, you’re never more than 15 minutes from the beach. Our farm stands overflow with beautiful, organic produce. Our towns come alive and spoil us with innumerable options for dining al frescoFresh seafood appears on menus everywhere from Montauk to Merrick, Farmingdale to Freeport. We drink Rocket Fuels on Fire Island, and sing along—shamelessly—to Jimmy Buffett at Jones Beach.

And then, every year, the weather grows colder and all these wonders fall like leaves and disappear.

The stories in our ‘Dead of Winter’ guide remind us of all the other wonders that come and take their place. In Sag Harbor, you will find the recipe for Mac & Cheese you’ve been waiting for (the recipe that will make you thank God that your bathing suits are safely tucked away). In Northport, Garden City, and Bridgehampton, you will discover date night itineraries that will inspire you to step away from the couch, bundle up, and actually leave the house. Some of our favorite local brewers share tips on what to drink to warm yourself up from the inside out, and members of our own Edible family introduce the kitchen gadgets and gizmos that are spicing up our culinary lives this winter—even as we wait for the soil outside to thaw out.

Because Long Island has so much more to offer than a single sweaty season. We hope this guide reminds you—just as putting it together for you has reminded all of us—that this region really is full of wonder all year-round.

So bring on the hot chocolate and cookies. Liking it all is easy once you remember that beauty, like wonder, abounds.

Wishing you and yours warmth and wonder this season and always,