8 Local Beers to Drink on Super Bowl Sunday

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

If I look back on the Super Bowl that stands out the most, it was on the island of Saipan, an island that is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time—meaning I was actually getting up with the sun on a Monday to catch the game.

I don’t remember who was playing, but I remember the friends I watched with and the food and drink we consumed: traditional game-day snacks and brews for breakfast. After all, gathering to watch the Super Bowl isn’t just about a close game and your favorite team taking home the trophy; it’s about having the perfect food and drink to quiet even the most venomous rivalries.

Whether you’re chanting “Beat L.A.” or hoping to see Tom Brady go home without another championship ring, you’re going to need some good eats to get you through. So, we’ve scoured Long Island to find the best beer to go with your favorite, traditional Super Bowl appetizers and meals.

Montauk Wave Chaser

Since most of us will be returning to work on Monday, we chose this mild IPA because it’s ABV is under 7 percent and has a smooth finish. Brewery fact: Did you know Montauk began as a basement operation in 2012?

Pairs well with: Sliders (This term came from the U.S. Navy back in the 40s referring to a greasy burger that slid down easily.)

Blue Point Toasted Lager


This is Blue Point’s most popular beer—and for great reason: it’s well-balanced and goes with pretty much anything. Brewery fact: Blue Point’s first keg was tapped in a parking lot.

Pairs well with: Bacon wrapped scallops (Don’t forget the maple syrup!)

Greenport Harbor Inner Glow

Photo courtesy of Greenport Harbor

If you are looking for something with a bold, dark taste with notes of coffee and cocoa, this seasonal beer is a good pick. Brewery fact: The founders say Greenport came to life after drinking “affordable beer” in college and wanting something with more … taste.

Pairs well with: Beef stew (To really make your food and beer complement each other, add a bottle of the Inner Glow to the stew ingredients)

Great South Bay Brewery Blonde Ambition

With a light body and low bitterness, this beer has some fruity notes and tastes fresh with every sip. Brewery Fact: Thursday is trivia night at GSB from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Pairs well with: Wings (Not sure which type to make? Go for plain and incorporate a “sauce buffet.”)

Big Alice Brewing Sweet Potato Farmhouse Ale

Photo courtesy of Untappd

Food loves this saison beer that is dry, medium to full bodied with aromas of honey and clove. Brewery Fact: Licensed as a New York State “Farm Brewery,” Big Alice supports local agriculture and is big on organic ingredients.

Pairs well with: Pizza (Grab a plain slice or load up on the toppings; this beer supports it all)

Rockaway American Pils


A crisp and dry pilsner with low alcohol content is a tasty alternative to someone who may typically go for a domestic light beer. Brewery Fact: The founders wanted something to drink after a surf sesh, so they experimented with backyard brewing.

Pairs well with: Cheese platter (In particular, Muenster and Harvarti)

1940s Brewing Company Hefie Injustice

Super Bowl is the perfect time to enjoy this classic German wheat beer made with pilsner and white wheat grain. Brewery Fact: Beer brewing began long before 1940s Brewing Company came to be in 2014. In fact, the owner’s father graduated from a brewing academy back in the 1940s.

Pairs well with: Nachos (Potato skin “nachos” are also acceptable)

Jamesport Farm Brewery La Leche De Madre

Super Bowl wouldn’t be complete without adding a creamy beer to pair with the inevitable tray of sweets. Brewery Fact: The land now used for hops on the 43 acre farm, was once used for potatoes in a previous lifetime. Ironically, potatoes and hops need the same soil to thrive.

Pairs well with: All things chocolate