Have a Resolution? There’s a Tea for That

Photo by Lindsay Morris

Wine and cheese. Beer and pizza. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things just go together.

Like tea and New Year’s resolutions.

With 2019 underway, resolutions are still fresh on the mind for many. Often when considering a change for the coming year, it’s easy to to look at your goal from one angle. For example: generally, losing weight means eating better and going to the gym. But what about incorporating minor tweaks that align with your resolutions?

Say, with a spot of tea?

With the help of local tea guru Linda Villano from SerendipiTea, we have paired common New Year’s resolutions with a hot tea that will complement your fresh outlook.

The resolution: Finally lose the weight.

The tea: If you are a sugar-lover, steeping a licorice tea bag when your sweet tooth kicks in will help satisfy the hankering to invade the treat cupboard. Licorice extract can be used as a natural sweetener and is also known to have properties that help control stomach acid, thus, reducing body fat mass when consumed regularly. Bonus: this is an easy tea to brew at home.

The resolution: Make more money

The tea: Of course sipping Gingko Biloba won’t have money falling from the sky, but if you’re someone who struggles to focus (thus lacking in productivity), incorporating a cup into your busiest of days may leave you completing all of your calls, emails and projects with time to spare. How does this work? Research suggests Gingko increases blood flow to the brain.

The resolution: Live in the Moment

The tea: Our sense of smell isn’t just to inhale the fresh scent of flowers or Grandma’s homemade cookies, but actually has the ability to promote relaxation, depending of course, on what’s enticing our sniffer. The aroma of jasmine tea triggers our nervous system to unwind. When stress is released, it’s easier to focus on what’s happening in the present.

The resolution: Lower stress

The tea: Skullcap may not sound like the most calming of words, but according to Villano, this plant is immensely beneficial in treating stress. According to SeredipiTea’s website, it’s also known to be useful for those suffering from addiction, hysteria, insomnia and headaches (all major players in stress).

The resolution: Becoming more mindful

The tea: Looking to take deeper breaths? Whether this is a literal goal or you simply want to slow down and become more aware, Rooibos is the tea for cultivating minudfulness. How? Physically speaking, it actually increases air flow to the lungs. For a simple tea mediation, practice these simple 4 steps.

The resolution: A better night’s sleep

The tea: “I highly recommend Chamomile and Lavender blended together,” said Villano. “Both are relaxants when consumed and the steeping and inhaling of the hot liquid adds to the relaxation via an aroma therapeutic effect.”

The resolution: Sustained energy

The tea: Oolong stimulates our mental space, helping create an alertness that just might carry you through the long days or provide a boost when other caffeinated beverages just aren’t cutting it. Villano pointed out that all true Tea (from the Camellia sinensis leaves) naturally contains caffeine. This includes: White, Green, Oolong, Black and PuErh. SerendipiTea has a Dark chocolate and Oolong blend. We can get on board with this combination.

The resolution: Get Organized

The tea: Whether you’re looking to ditch the brain fog or simply can’t get your ducks in a row, Ginseng has a way of keeping you on track. What’s great is it does this without the effect of caffeine. Ginseng builds energy at a slower (and natural, using the food already breaking down in your body) pace versus caffeine, which tends to do so more rapidly.

The resolution: Finding (or Rekindling) Love

The tea: Cinnamon is known to have an aphrodisiac effect. If romance is on the agenda for this year, it may be wise to begin date night at a tea house that carries a blend similar to this one from Happy Detox Tea, as cinnamon is known to enhance desire and stimulate brain function.

What’s great about all of these teas is the overlapping benefits of each recommendation. Of course, this article is in no way health advice, but rather a creative way to look at your overall health and wellbeing. The road to maintaining resolutions has many stops along the way. So pull off and warm up with your favorite cup of tea, and while you’re at it, take a moment to research the positive ingredients you’re consuming.