Close Out Hanukkah with the Help of These 4 Kosher Markets

You’ll find excellent kosher meat—like this beautiful brisket—and so much more at these markets.

If you are not Kosher, you may be curious about kosher food and what it means to be Kosher. “Kosher” refers to both food and food preparation that follows a set of biblical rules. When the food is prepared according to these rules, it is deemed kosher by a Rabbi. Some of the rules include abstaining from consuming specific foods such as pork, rabbit, certain birds and shellfish. The mixing of dairy and meat is also strictly prohibited in accordance with the Jewish Dietary Laws.

Not only is it necessary for kosher food to be prepared under the supervision of a Rabbi, but meat must also be slaughtered and processed under kosher supervision. The slaughter of the animal must be performed by a shochet, a highly trained slaughterman. Kosher law requires that the animal feel minimal pain and suffering. Afterwards, the animal is thoroughly inspected to make sure that it is healthy for kosher consumption.

When a person is “keeping kosher”, they are faithfully observing the Jewish food regulations known as kashruth. Fully observant Jewish people eat kosher exclusively, with no exceptions. For others, they prefer to eat kosher in observance of religious holidays, like Passover. On Long Island, we are lucky to have a diverse Jewish population, which give us access to several wonderful Kosher Markets!

Kosher Thyme Marketplace

This specialty grocer is a full-service butcher and deli that that operates under strict Kosher supervision. Kosher Thyme brings 5 generations of experience in the kosher food business to their marketplace. The traditions that Kosher Thyme prides itself in continuing, dates back to Poland before World War II. Their impressive menu includes traditional favorites as well as kosher cuisine with a modern flair. Their traditional favorites include Brisket and Cholent, Beef Bacon and Kugel. For the more progressive patrons, they offer an impressive menu of Chinese and Italian fare.

Kosher Thyme Marketplace, 1163 Old Country Road, Plainview NY 11803, (516) 932-1131

Woodbury Kosher Meats

If you are looking for somewhere to stock up on kosher provisions for your next Sabbath, this is the place. This family owned business established in 1950 carries a full line of kosher groceries, fresh meats and cooked food. They also offer Kosher Certified Organic Meat, which as I’m told can be quite difficult to find. All meats are cut and ground daily, as well as all the poultry. Specialties include the bison steaks, kreplach, chopped liver and potato pudding.

Woodbury Kosher Meats, 428 South Oysterbay Road, Hicksville NY 11801, (516) 681-7766

Nassau Kosher Meats

This market has been fondly described as a throwback to the good old days. Depending on your age, you may or may not remember those days. Luckily for me, I have a few fond memories of visiting local shops with my dad. They were all friendly and small, and the owner knew everyone by name. Nassau Kosher Meats is still one of those places. It is beloved by the many that frequent this kosher market. You can find a full line of kosher groceries, kosher organic poultry, as well as kosher prime meats, lamb and veal. Favorites include the pastrami, salami and matzoh balls.

Nassau Kosher Meats, 495 Bellmore Ave, East Meadow NY 11554, (516) 481-3335

Five Towns Kosher Meats

This small local meat market is known for its quality selections and exceptional customer service. With an extremely accommodating head butcher, you can always make a special request for an item you aren’t able locate in their display cases. Specialties include artfully trimmed rib steaks, meaty beef ribs and marinated chicken wings. This is one friendly little market that you will find yourself visiting on a regular basis.

Five Towns Kosher Meats, 1324 Peninsula Blvd, Hewlett NY 11557