In Islip, Tellers Offers ‘Luxury by the Ounce’

Bohlsen Restaurant Group has always been synonymous with luxury. From Prime to Verace—and everywhere in between—its restaurants are among Long Island’s best (and most beloved), renowned for their excellent food, drinks, and award-winning hospitality.

As of earlier this year, however, one of Bohlsen’s most exclusive restaurants, Tellers: An American Chophouse has been offering its guests an even more literal—and libationary—serving of luxury: their very own “Luxury by the Ounce” experience.

Taste the World’s Most Sought After Spirits

Launched officially on February 22, 2018, Teller’s “Luxury by the Ounce” experience offers guests a curated selection of high-end, hard-to-find spirits via one-ounce tastings. The collection includes 25-ounce bottles of extremely rare scotch, bourbon, rum, cognac, gin and tequila—all of which are among the best in their classification. The program makes accessible the world’s most sought-after spirits by offering guests perfect tasting portions to enjoy at Teller’s legendary bar, which has just been updated to celebrate the new beverage program’s hotly anticipated arrival.

Take one look at Tellers’s “Luxury by the Ounce” menu—a veritable “who’s who” of exclusive spirits—and you’ll understand what an exciting experience it really is. Every spirit on the menu has been handpicked for its exclusivity, rarity and balance of flavors—and, in some of the most exclusive cases, once they’re gone, they’re gone; Tellers will hand-select other (equally exclusive) liquors to replace them with.

“Luxury by the Ounce” demonstrates Tellers’s commitment to both long-time customers and new ones, who are always on the hunt for unique and memorable experiences.

On the menu currently is Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve (both 15 and 20 Year), The MacPhail’s Collection Tamdhu (1971), Remy Martin “Louis XIII”, Banks “The Endeavor” Limited Edition #1, Clase Azul, and more.

“Tellers is a special restaurant in our collection, and we felt that the time was right to add a new and unforgettable experience like Luxury by the Ounce to the menu,” said Michael Bohlsen. “It’s critical for us to continuously improve upon what we’re doing to entice new customers to visit, and give our loyal and loved repeat customers reasons to keep choosing us time over time.”

Experience Luxury

“Luxury by the Ounce” is certainly one of those reasons. Prices range from $30 to $150 for a single shot, which is surprisingly affordable when you consider that a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve (20 Year), for example, will set you back well over $2,000.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some luxury this spring and visit Tellers to experience “Luxury by the Ounce” for yourself.

Tellers: An American Chophouse is located at 605 Main Street in Islip.