Announcing Our Drinks Issue with Stories from All of Our Territories

You can read the full “drinks” issue here. It also includes stories from Edible East EndEdible Brooklynand Edible Manhattan. Use this map to find a hard copy near you, or better yet, subscribe here.

Last year for my birthday, my husband took me on a long weekend trip up to Lake Placid where we met a mixologist by the name of Zachary Blair. We sat down before him at the bar at Whiteface Lodge, exchanged a few words of introduction and then turned our eyes toward the cocktail menu.

“Ah, you don’t want to read that,” he said. “Let’s play a game instead. Where do you want to go? To the mountains, the ocean or the countryside?”

“The countryside,” I said.

Blair met my response with a new series of questions—a series of questions I don’t entirely remember because I wound up so enjoying Blair’s game and the cocktails it led to that my husband and I remained at the bar for hours, journeying more than a few times to all of the locales Blair had mentioned at the start of the game. (Let’s just say we had a lot of fun up in the mountains, a sunscreen-scented good time at the ocean and then a hazy conclusion in the countryside, where we quickly fell asleep.)

Still, we woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, not at all weary from our libationary travels, and with a new sense of the power of a well-made drink—with alcohol or without it—to transport us beyond wherever we happen to be.

The stories and drinks compiled in this issue will similarly carry you away—not necessarily to the mountains, ocean or countryside, but to places better still. In Montauk, we visit Liar’s Saloon, where their legendary mudslides transport patrons back to The End’s more humble, fishing-and-drinking-driven beginnings. In Rockville Centre, we cozy up at Cork & Kerry, where their craft cocktails bring a taste of Manhattan’s mixology scene right here to Long Island. On the East End, we stop by Ty Llwyd Farm and Mecox Bay Dairy, where their raw milks offer a creamy, unfiltered taste of the past. In St. James, we sidle into Soul Brew, where their lattes savor of something you’d find in Brooklyn or Portland—somewhere far from the slow and serpentine Route 25A.

So, where do you want to go? To the mountains, the ocean or the countryside? Choose any place featured in this issue, and I promise you can’t possibly lose.

Wishing you a happy spring full of good sips and great company,