9 Boozy Desserts to Make This St. Patrick’s Day

Even though winter still has us in its cold, icy hands, spring really is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the chilly weather still has me wanting to eat and drink everything decadent while I still can. This means that instead of moving on to brighter, lighter recipes, I’m still holding on to rich, indulgent ones.

And, why not? It’s St. Patrick’s Day! With everyone getting their fill of corn beef and cabbage, we should also be having our dessert and possibly be getting buzzed off it too. Whether you prefer to add beer to brownies or bourbon in your cookies, we’ve got your back.

1. Whiskey and Irish Cream Affogato

When you can’t decide between a drink or dessert, an affogato is a perfect solution. This Italian dessert consists of ice cream “drowned” in hot espresso or coffee. The Rustic Foodie puts an Irish twist on this dessert by adding Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream. Ice cream drowned in coffee and booze? Umm, yes, please!

2. Milk Stout Ice Cream

While many people will be drinking their beer on St. Patrick’s Day, We Know Stuff is making ice cream with it instead. This mouthwatering Milk Stout Ice Cream is made with a local Long Island craft beer and yields a rich, creamy, soft serve beer ice cream. This decadent treat should be enjoyed slowly so that you can savor the taste of the stout with every bite.

3. Soft Pretzel Bread Pudding

Tired of boring old bread pudding? Try making it with soft pretzels, chocolate, and bourbon instead! Sweet and salty, crunchy and soft, this soft pretzel bread pudding from Bunsen Burner Bakery is an unexpected twist on a crowd-pleasing dessert. The pretzels on top stay a little bit crunchy whereas the pretzels on the bottom get nice and soft.

4. Butterscotch Bourbon Budino With Salted Caramel

Budino is an Italian custard that’s rich and creamy without being overly sweet. It’s like a pudding cup for grownups. Platings and Pairings kicks it up a notch by adding butterscotch, bourbon, and some salted caramel to this recipe. The end result is a mild-tasting custard, with just a hint of sweetness, that makes it incredibly easy to eat spoonful after spoonful.

5. Guinness Caramels with Salted Peanuts

When you’re not sure if you want to snack on something sweet or salty with your pint of beer, why not have both? Use Your Noodles uses Guinness in this candy recipe because its rich flavor enhances the sweetness of the caramels and adds just a little bit of bitterness to the candy. Even though I don’t eat candy very often, these homemade caramels with salted peanuts are certainly tempting.

6. Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta with Kahlua

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! 💕💕Love is in the air today and there is still enough time to make this for dinner tonight!! Did I say how decadent this is???💕💕 Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta with Kahlua Whipped Mascarpone! – Creamy and decadent Panna Cotta with Dark Chocolate and topped with some whipped mascarpone cheese with Kahlua. The sea salt in it enhances the chocolate flavor and elevates the dessert to a completely new level. Recipe link in bio/profile of 👉🏼 @cookingcurries or look for it on 👉🏼 www.cookingcurries.com . . . . . #darkchocolate #valentinesday #pannacotta #chocolatedessert #chocolate #dessert #decadent #nomnomnom #chocoatelove #chocolatedessert #chocolateforlove #lovechocolate

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Cocoa powder and dark chocolate chunks transform regular panna cotta into a creamy and decadent dessert fit for a Queen. Cooking Curries elevates this dessert further by adding a dusting of sea salt and topping the panna cotta off with some whipped mascarpone cheese with Kahlua. Need I say more?

7. Guinness Black Magic Cake With Ermine Frosting And Whiskey Caramel

Black magic cake traditionally uses coffee, but in this recipe, Super Golden Bakes uses Guinness. Even though this moist cake is full of chocolatey goodness, it surprisingly doesn’t contain any chocolate – just cocoa powder. Paired with ermine frosting (boiled milk frosting) and whiskey caramel, it’s just pure indulgence.

8. Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie

This over-the-top chocolate chunk skillet cookie is spiked with bourbon and sweetened with honey. Top it with ice cream and sprinkles Like Bourbon and Honey did for a seriously decadent treat fit for a party! The brown butter gives a nutty, roasted flavor while the chocolate makes this cookie gooey and delicious!

9. Buttery Bourbon Cherry Cookies

These Buttery Bourbon Cherry Cookies are sweet, chewy, and oh-so boozy. This buttery cookie gets a bit of sweetness from the cherries and the nuts add a nice texture. The Live In Kitchen brings this recipe into adults-only territory with a very concentrated bourbon glaze on top.

This story was originally published in March 2016.