10 Reasons Long Islanders Should Attend Edible Good Spirits

Good Spirits return to New York City on Thursday, March 8.

We’re just going to come right out and say it: Edible Good Spirits will return to Pier A Harbor House in Manhattan on Thursday, March 8, and we think you should be there.

Why? We’re glad you asked.

Each year, Good Spirits gathers some of our region’s most talented mixologists to celebrate our favorite local, national and international spirit brands—and for many Long Islanders (ourselves included) this event is our annual chance to experience the city’s legendary craft cocktail scene without breaking the bank (tickets start at just $50), or having to spend hours mapping out the perfect bar crawl (at Good Spirits, everything is perfectly curated for us, and under one roof).

But more, Good Spirits invites Long Islanders specifically to participate in a conversation from which, frankly, we are more often than not excluded.

It’s not that our bars aren’t up to city standards. They certainly are. But the evolution of our spirits scene is a little slower moving, as many trends that originate in the city take weeks, months and sometimes even years to make it out here (insert joke about blaming-it-on-the-notoriously-unreliable-LIRR here).

So, Good Spirits is a great opportunity to see what’s happening in the spirits world right now—and to see what’s coming out to Long Island next.

Here are 10 other reasons you’re going to want to attend.

1. This year’s Good Spirits is celebrating the women of the food and drinks world.

Bridget Firtle of the Noble Experiment. • Photo by Jessica Chou

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Good Spirits will present a “Spirited Women and Their Role in the Food and Beverage Industry” panel moderated by Louise Newsome of Olde York Farm Distillery & Cooperage, featuring Liz Neumark of Great Performances, Ivy Mix of Speed Rack, Bridget Firtle of the Noble Experiment, and Edible editor Lauren Wilson. This is your chance to hear all about the important role women are playing in the entire edible universe. (Spoiler Alert: Prepare to be inspired and impressed.)

2. There will be oysters.

Can we get a shuck yes?

Sipping cocktails can be pretty tough work; make sure you refuel with some oysters. At Good Spirits, they’ll be paired by Guinness—how’s that for breaking out of the rosé-and-oyster-shaped box?

3. Prohibition Bakery will be serving its famous boozy baked goods.

Photo courtesy of Prohibition Bakery

How do you make baked goods better? By adding booze to them—which is exactly what Prohibition Bakery is famous for. We don’t know exactly what they’ll be baking up for Good Spirits just yet, but we do know their creation will feature Sombra Mezcal. Sí.

4. Long Island’s own Almond Restaurant will be there.

Bridgehampton’s own Almond Restaurant will be there! • Photo courtesy of Almond Restaurant

You won’t find many Long Island-based producers on the Good Spirits roster, but the one name that is there sure is a mighty one: Almond Restaurant! We don’t know what they’ll be serving up just yet, but we do know its chef Jason Weiner. Trust us, you’re in the best possible hands.

5. You’ll get to drink a lot.

The spirits are the stars of this event—and Long Islanders are especially able to indulge in them; the LIRR is practically a built-in DD.

This is pretty self-explanatory. From cider to wine, beer to liquor, Good Spirits will have it all—and you’ll be encouraged to try it all, too. Check out the full drinks roster here.

6. You’ll get to eat a lot, too.

Eat until your heart—and stomach—is content.

Don’t let the name fool you; Good Spirits could just as easily be called Good Food, too. Some of New York City’s most acclaimed and up-and-coming chefs and food artisans will be there, pairing top-notch tastes with all of the event’s cocktails. Check out the full food roster here.


7.  Speed Rack will be hosting a cocktail contest.

Speed Rack

Founded in 2011, Speed Rack shines a spotlight on female mixologists thriving behind bars around the country—and raises money for breast cancer research, education, and prevention while doing so! We are so thrilled that they will be hosting a cocktail contest of their own at Good Spirits, and we look forward to seeing (and sipping) who wins.

8.  Absinthe, anyone?

Take flight with the green (and red, and white) fairy. • Photo courtesy of Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits

Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits will be on hand, serving their green, red, and white absinthes. If you haven’t tried them yet, here’s your chance. The Harlem-produced spirits enjoy a cult following; take one sip and you’ll understand why.

9. Two words: Bourbon Bonanza.

Postpone your trip to Kentucky. • Photo courtesy of Woodford Reserve

If you love bourbon, you’re going to really love Good Spirits. Not only will Woodford Reserve will be there,  but so too will Black Dirt Distillery and Olde York Farm Distillery & Cooperage (serving Black Dirt Bourbon and Smoked Maple Bourbon, respectively). Sign us up!

10.  A portion of proceeds will go toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Drink pink. • Image courtesy of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. As far as statistics go, it doesn’t get much more startling than that. Which is why Edible is so proud to announce that some of its proceeds from Good Spirits will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Nothing beats eating and drinking for a great cause.

Edible Good Spirits will return to Pier A Harbor House in New York City on Thursday, March 8. The event will run from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Tickets start at $50 per person and are available for purchase online now. For more information about Good Spirits, please visit the event’s website