North Fork Desserts from Hamlet to Hamlet

The North Fork is a sweet place to live and visit. Here are some of our favorite pitstops for sweets.

Want to give your sweet tooth an eastbound workout running from Riverhead to Orient? Here’s how it’s done.

Riverhead: Pies at Briermere Farms 

Apple Pie at Briermere Farms

The 2017 fall pie list is out, and its got twenty-nine options from which to choose, with classic recipes like apple, blueberry and cherry—and somewhat richer flavors, such as pear, raspberry-plum and apricot. Briermere Farms is open for walk-in buying, but that means you’ll only be able to buy what’s already prepared, so call in advance (the day before or even first-thing in the morning) to have your pie of preference baked and saved for your purchase. (Keep in mind: lemon meringue, coconut meringue and chocolate cream pies are only available Thursday through Sunday, with key lime pies available only Friday through Sunday.)

Briermere Farms is located at 4414 Sound Avenue, before you reach most of the vineyards.

Aquebogue: Artisanal Chocolate Tasting Bar at North Fork Chocolate Company 

Artisanal Chocolate Tasting Bar at North Fork Chocolate Company

The name makes it clear: chocolate here—but customers aren’t restricted to simply prepackaged offerings as the tasting bar of handcrafted Belgian chocolates allows for easy assortment assembly. Pick four for $7; look for chocolates in milk, dark, white and “fusion” variety; and yes, veggie lovers, there are dairy-free vegan items among the options. Be on the lookout for the “Pretzel Popper,” made with organic sprouted grain pretzels, dark chocolate and caramel with a milk chocolate drizzle.

North Fork Chocolate Company is located at 740 Main Road, on a park-like parcel.

Jamesport: Apple Crumb Pie at Junda’s Pastry Crust and Crumbs

Apple Crumb Pie at Junda’s Pastry Crust and Crumbs

Apple strudel has long been considered the signature dish available at this classic bakery that produces all sorts of treats (including its own organic “Midnight Madness dog biscuits, named for the Junda family’s late pup Midnight), but a counterman also confirms the apple crumb pie has been in demand lately as well. Additionally, Christopher Junda himself mentioned his scones have been a hot ticket as of late, and on the counter the apple peach almond cake is a colorful, eye-catching dish to look for.

Junda’s Pastry Crust and Crumbs is located at 1612 Main Road, in an historic house.

Mattituck: Rotating ice cream flavors at Magic Fountain

Cotton Candy Ice Cream at Magic Fountain

While some ice cream shops shutter when the winter arrives, Magic Fountain stays open and keeps things interesting with a 50-flavor menu, with five of which changing every two weeks depending on holidays and seasons. Some of the more unique flavors one might encounter include Goat Cheese, Rainbow Cookie, Saffron and Orange, Pumpkin, Coconut Avocado and Chocolate Pudding Pie.

Magic Fountain is at 9825 Main Road, on the corner of Factory Avenue (look for the line occasionally stretching out the door).

Cutchogue: Raspberry crumble at Scoops & Grinds

Raspberry Crumble at Scoops & Grinds

With an ice cream parlor-meets-malt shop atmosphere, this stop for sweets and treats also does acai bowls, coffee and lattes—but when searching for one of its signature items, the raspberry crumble, with rolled oats and almonds, served in rectangular cuts, is a top seller. Furthermore, if a coffee drink isn’t how you’d like to exact some pep, look to the energy bites: small balls of rolled oats, chocolate chips, honey, toasted coconut, flax, chia seeds and peanut butter.

Scoops & Grinds is at 31000 Main Road, a neighbor of local landmark Braun Seafood.

Southold (Stop One): Almond Horns at Blue Duck Bakery

Almond Horn at Blue Duck Bakery (Photo courtesy of Blue Duck Bakery)

Blue Duck Bakery is renowned for its breads, but you’d be remiss to leave their bakery cafe without trying something sweet, too. Drizzled with chocolate and finely dusted with powdered sugar, their almond horn is buttery, light, and flakey. You also can’t go wrong with any of Blue Duck’s cakes, cookies, or brownies.

Blue Duck Bakery is at 56275 Main Road; you’ll smell their beautiful bread before you even see their store.

Southold (Stop Two): “Jeff’s Food for the Gods” at A Lure Chowder House & Oysteria

“Jeff’s Food for the Gods” at A Lure Chowder House & Oysteria

It’s really more a stop for upscale seafood, but a North Fork dessert list would be remiss if it didn’t include a food with such an interesting name. Consisting of walnut and dried fruit blondie with salted caramel ice cream, you can follow dinner with the dish, eat it at the bar or order it to go.

A Lure Chowder House & Oysteria is found 62300 Main Road, with Budds Pond just beyond.

Greenport: Bag of beignets at Noah’s

Bag of Beignets at Noah’s

Much like at A Lure, the menu is focused on foods fancier than desserts—but should you be in ‘Port and decide you want something hot, sweet and divine, you can either close a full meal with these deep-fried pastries or simply eat them first—in fact, you can just walk in and order them at the bar, to stay or to go. Sided by salted caramel sauce, this dish is worthy, so worthy.

Noah’s is at 136 Front Street, across the street from Mitchell Park and its antique carousel.

Orient: Buttercrunch at The Candyman

Orient Buttercrunch at The Candyman

The jack o’lantern sign dangling outside on the road sign reminds cars passing by that homemade pumpkin fudge is currently available for the season, but all year one can procure the buttercrunch from a large serving container behind the counter. A recommended candy, it consists of peanut brittle center, coated in chocolate and crushed cashews.

The Candyman is located at 22350 Main Road, about six minutes from the Cross Sound Ferry.