This Friday in Bridgehampton: Opa on the Go Makes its Food Truck Derby Debut

If you live on Long Island, a love of diners is almost a geographical imperative. Everywhere you go—from Montauk to Merrick and beyond—there’s a Greek diner just a drive away. Now, thanks to Opa! on the Go, there’s even a mobile Greek diner that calls Long Island home.

Come see it—and taste its rightfully famous gyros—this Friday in Bridgehampton at our 6th Annual Food Truck Derby, the new food truck’s first.

We spoke with Opa! on the Go about how they and their team are preparing for the Food Truck Derby, what they’ll be serving, and what they’re most looking forward to about the event. Here’s what they said.

Edible East End: How did the story of your food truck begin? When did you get started?
Opa! on the Go:
It all began for owners, Rob Likoff and George Gounelas, after they met at the Old Stove Pub. George is known there for the topnotch cuisine and his hospitality. Rob is a long-time resident of the Hamptons and one of George’s number one customers at the restaurant. Together, they share a passion for great food and wanted to find a way to bring exceptional eats to those who may not be restaurant-goers. Rob and George decided the best way to do it would be to bring it all on the road by food truck, and then, OPA! On the Go was born.

EEE: What is your favorite part of owning a food truck?
The best part about owning a food truck is the community. Being that we’re mobile, we’re able to connect with so many more people than ewe would at a brick and mortar restaurant. Plus, we get to spend more time out and about in the community that we love!

EEE: Is there anything you think people would be surprised to learn about owning and operating a food truck on Long Island?
It’s pretty intense. You are operating in a very confined space which requires extreme efficiency.  The rules vary by location and even by season. as do permits. There’s a ton of “behind-the-scenes” work involved beyond the prep of good food, but it’s worth every step!

EEE: Is this your first year participating in Edible East End’s Food Truck Derby? If not, how many previous derbies have you participated in?
Yes it is! OPA! On the Go is new this season… we couldn’t miss this event!

EEE: What will you be serving? (Or is it a secret?)
We’ll be serving mini gyros for sure. Possibly some other Greek specialties, too!

EEE: And finally, what are you most looking forward to about the event?
OPA! on the Go is a new venture and we are excited about introducing our neighbors to our delicious gyros and other greek and diner specialties.  We’re also looking forward to meeting the other food truck vendors.