Taste Puerto Rico with ANEWYORICANTHING at Our Food Truck Derby

There are a hundred reasons to love our annual Food Truck Derby: its beautiful setting in Bridgehampton;  the diversity of each of the participating trucks; the mouthwatering aromas that fill the field at Hayground School; the rockin’ music and innumerable fun photo ops . . . The list goes on and on.

What we especially love, however, is the opportunity the Derby presents: for friends and families to sample the cuisines of all the different people and cultures that call Long Island home.

This is just one reason we’re happy to report that ANEWYORICANTHING is returning to our Derby this year—its second in a row. The beloved truck specializes in traditional Puerto Rican flavors, and prides itself on putting lots of love and passion into each of their traditional recipes.

We spoke with ANEWYORICANTHING’s own Suzette Montalvo about how she and her team are preparing for the Food Truck Derby, what they’ll be serving, and what they’re most looking forward to about the event. Here’s what she said.

Edible Long Island: How did the story of your food truck begin? When did you get started?

Suzette Montalvo: We started our food truck business in 2015. It was actually my husband’s idea since he thinks I can do anything (LOL). It was not even on my radar and now I can’t even imagine not doing this. I actually started doing farmers markets selling our coquito mix and Puerto Rican cooking condiments.

ELI: What is your favorite part of owning a food truck?
SM: My favorite part of owning a food truck is the joy and delight people have in seeing a Puerto Rican food truck since it’s not really common on Long Island. My mission is to delight those that know Puerto Rican cuisine, and to enlighten those that do not know what Puerto Rican cuisine is.

ELI: Is there anything you think people would be surprised to learn about owning and operating a food truck on Long Island?
SM: Operating a food truck on Long Island is not easy. I feel Long Island is late to the food truck industry. That is why I love the Food Truck Derby; it’s an introduction to the amazing food truck owners we have on Long Island!

ELI: Is this your first year participating in Edible East End’s Food Truck Derby? If not, how many previous derbies have you participated in?
This will be our second year at the Derby.

ELI: What will you be serving? (Or is it a secret?)
I think my menu selection will be a surprise! It’s going to be traditional with a twist.

ELI: And finally, what are you most looking forward to about the event?
SM: I look forward to meeting new and old customers at the Derby! A lot of people are looking forward to it, and we are ready to serve up delicious cuisine!

Enjoy ANEWYORICANTHING—and so much more—at Edible East End’s 6th Annual Food Truck Derby on Friday, August 11 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Bridgehampton. Tickets are $65 per person for adults and $20 per person for children. All tickets are available for purchase now on the event’s website.