7 Summer Sweet Pea Recipes You Need to Try This Week

Whenever sweet summer peas come into season, I always think of lazy summer days with my siblings. One memory in particular always comes to mind. Although the details are a bit fuzzy around the edges, the feelings that this memory evokes are ones of tranquility and peace.

One afternoon, my mom called my sister and I onto the front stoop and told us that she had an important chore for us to do. We weren’t quite sure what she had in mind until she placed a giant basket of fresh, bright green, pea pods on the step between us. Being quite young at the time, we had no idea what she wanted us to do with all of those pea pods. She carefully picked up one of the pea pods and like a magician, she waved it before our eyes. She told us that the peas that we loved to eat lived inside of the pods and it was now our job to free them. As we watched, she cracked it open right along the seam and a bunch of peas popped out!

We couldn’t believe it and eagerly started cracking open all of the pea pods in the basket before us. When our Mom went back inside to keep an eye on our younger brother, we passed the time trying to guess what mom was making for dinner and seeing who could pop open their pea pods the quickest. As we sat on the cool concrete steps, shielded from the afternoon sun, I remembered feeling content and happy surrounded by the mountain of crisp pea pods. My memory ends here.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if we ever made it through that entire basket of peas. And, I wonder how many peas we lost as they skittered across the steps into the dirt. I don’t even remember having them with our dinner that night. But, I do remember the sense of pride that I felt being able to help my mom with our family’s dinner. Now that peas are in season on Long Island, here are a few pea recipes for you to try you’re your own family this summer.

1. Deep Fried Goats Cheese with Pea Puree 

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying sweet pea puree? Krumpli creates this impressive dish of warm sweet pea puree and tops it with peppery radishes and deep-fried goat cheese. The warm, salty, nearly melted cheese is perfectly balanced by the mild, sweet pea puree.

2. Risi e Bisi

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You guys need to try this Risi e Bisi from @yums0me 😋 Nico created this recipe as part of a guest post on AVV to help take the pressure off me while I recover from my little health blip. Risi e Bisi (pronounced, ree-zee eh bee-zee) is a traditional and very simple Venetian dish made from rice and peas. It’s kind of a cross between risotto and a soup – almost stew-like. It is a creamy, almost velvety, rice dish, not unlike risotto, packed full of delicious spring peas and it is well worth making! I made it for dinner on Sunday (you might have seen my Instagram story) and it is awesome. Really tasty and so easy. Even my fussy teenage son went back for seconds! You can find the recipe by copying this link https://avirtualvegan.com/risi-e-bisi/ or you can find it on the homepage of my website for the next few weeks. You must give it a try! Thank you again to Nico for stepping in to help me out! ❤️ #avirtualvegan #risiebisi #italian #venetian ##vegan #veganfood #veganeats #veganfoodporn #whatveganseat #whatfatveganseat #vegstagram #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #crueltyfreefood #HealthYeah #vegansofig #letscookvegan #veganfoodshare #bestofvegan #plantstrong #horngryvegan #gloobyfood #foodporn #veganfoodspot #feedfeed #foodsforthought #yuminthetumREPOST #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeast @thefeedfeed #avirtualvegan

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This creamy, velvety, rice dish is packed full of tender sweet peas. A Virtual Vegan enjoys her Risi e Bisi recipe as a first course, served with a crisp green salad.

3. Spring Pea Salad with Lemon-Ricotta Dressing

I’m always looking for a light, refreshing salad to pack along for lunch on a hot summer day. Food Above Gold’s spring pea salad is topped with a lemon-ricotta dressing, making it the perfect dish to bring to your next picnic.

4. Sweet Pea Crostini 

These light and fresh sweet pea crostini make great use of extra sweet peas. Simple Seasonal creates an appetizer that’s fresh, springy, and light. The blend of peas, mint, and crème fraîche is pleasantly refreshing.

5. Pea Pesto

I have to admit, I never would have thought to make pesto from peas! My Kitchen Love uses her pea pesto recipe in an endless number of dishes. It’s perfect for coating pasta, potatoes, using on pizza, spreading on sandwiches, or for dipping veggies into.

6. Pea Pesto Flatbread with Asparagus and Shaved Pecorino Romano

As a follow-up to the pea pesto recipe above, I thought I would include another creative recipe using this versatile spread. The Life Jolie tops grilled flatbreads with pea pesto, asparagus, peas, and melted Asiago cheese. I know this is one trend I’ll be trying this summer!

7. Arugula Spring Salad

This breezy spring salad incorporates all of the flavors of summer, featuring peas, asparagus, radishes, mint and a simple lemon dressing. Lively Table tops it all off with a simple lemon vinaigrette made with just 2 ingredients—lemon and olive oil. What more could you ask for in a healthy summer salad?