Montauk Brewing Company Celebrates its 5th Anniversary with a Special IPA

Here’s something to “tauk” about, though you may want to scream for it, instead. Montauk Brewing Company has created a special IPA, called 5, to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Brewed with blood oranges and vanilla beans, it’s meant to evoke a Creamsicle. “Beer and ice cream are usually the two things you see people enjoying on a hot summer day at the beach, so we decided why not put them together given our setting,” said Eric Moss, the head brewer and an owner.

Dry-hopped with Cascade and Galaxy, 5 marries the grapefruit- and melon-forward flavors typically imparted by those hop varietals with the sweet orangey creaminess of the classic summertime ice cream bar. The finished work is somewhat in line with the New England-style IPA, affectionately referred to as “juice” by beer loons, that is loved for its lush flavors of citrus and tropical fruit, hazy appearance, tempered bitterness, and soft, creamy mouthfeel.

The limited-release beer is currently on tap in Montauk’s tasting room, with its homemade pine bar with a copper top, and at an anniversary event on Friday, June 23 at Ruschmeyer’s. At the brewery, it will be sold to-go in a Crowler, a 32-ounce sealable can into which draft beer is dispensed. Take it home or to the beach. Each Crowler comes in a commemorative box while supplies last.

Montauk Brewing Company 5, 5.5% ABV, $8 for 16-ounce draft, $20 for 32-ounce Crowler with commemorative box, 62 South Erie Avenue, 631-668-8471,