Celebrate National Cannoli Day with Kannoli Kings in Massapequa

Oreo cannoli cream in a coconut coated shell courtesy of Kannoli Kings. • Photo by @emdee_eats

Did you know that June 16 is National Cannoli Day? To celebrate, head on over to North Broadway in Massapequa where you’ll find Kannoli Kings, a new gourmet cannoli store which serves both sweet and savory cannoli. Savory cannoli? Yes, you read that right. Kannoli Kings offers eight kinds of savory cannoli, seven kinds of sweet cannoli, and seven different types of shells to choose from.

Owner Sal Lo Piccolo founded Kannoli Kings—“Home of the Sweet and Savory Cannoli”–in 2013. Sal believed events around Long Island needed some good desserts, so he started making fresh, traditional cannoli, purchased a food truck, and headed to summer festivals and street fairs. What began as a traditional cannoli business transformed into something truly unique: He took unsweetened cannoli shells that were specially cut, and then stuffed them with all kinds of savory ingredients, using only the freshest and most flavorful products.

“I wanted to do something different,” said Sal Lo Piccolo, “and I came up with this idea—make savory cannoli.”

This past March, after spending years selling cannoli out of the food truck, Sal Lo Piccolo, along with his partner Kevin Bracken, decided it was time to open a storefront. It is the only cannoli store of its kind on Long Island. Along with his new store, Piccolo still manages the food truck, does catering, private parties, and has an online mail order service which delivers cannoli right to your door.

The cannoli are truly the star of the show at Kannoli Kings, and all cannoli are made fresh daily. Each savory cannoli is unique. Who would have thought to eat a barbeque chicken cannoli, or a bacon and cheddar mashed potato cannoli? The other savory varieties include a spinach dip cannoli, a mango salsa cannoli, eggplant caponata cannoli, a pesto chicken cannoli, fresh bruschetta cannoli, and perhaps the most interesting—a truffle, bacon, mac and cheese cannoli. All cannoli are served in a warm shell. You may think these combinations stuffed into a cannoli shell sound strange, but you can’t knock it until you try it. Kannoli Kings has developed a following of loyal customers who rave about their products.

As for the sweet cannoli, there is the original cream cannoli, a French vanilla cannoli, a Reese’s peanut butter cannoli, chocolate raspberry, cinnamon apple, original in a coconut shell, and a candy bacon cannoli. Besides the original and coconut shells, there are several others to choose from including chocolate, rainbow sprinkle, cinnamon brown sugar, graham cracker crusted, and sesame seed crusted.


Kannoli Kings has even perfected a frozen brand of cannoli that you can keep in the freezer. Simply defrost, or eat it like ice cream, slightly frozen. Each cannoli is individually packaged for freshness and convenience. If you are having a party on National Cannoli Day, or any other day, assorted packages are sold by the dozen and range from $58 to $70. Individual cannoli are either $4 or $6 each.

Kannoli Kings is open Thursday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For truck reservations or for catering, call 516.590.7179.