Garvies Point Brewery Now Comes in Cans, First Release This Weekend

Joining many of its island brethren, among them Sand City, Barrier and Blue Point, as well as a growing number of breweries nationwide, Garvies Point Brewery has started packaging its fresh hop-forward offerings (think: pale ales, IPAs, double IPAs) in 16-ounce cans to sell exclusively on-premises, and in highly-limited quantities. These increasingly popular brewery-only beer releases are typically held on weekend mornings, and given the inherently scarce nature frequently draw long lines of people (and sometimes even placeholders) several hours prior.

It should be noted that the majority of today’s most coveted canned nectars are New England-style IPAs, which are adored for their hazy appearance, soft, creamy mouthfeel, lush citrus and tropical fruit flavors and minimized bitterness, and as such are often likened to orange juice. Garvies Point has introduced several New England-style IPAs in recent months, and plans to put “at least” one of its interpretations of the popular style into cans this year, said Ben Kossoff, an owner. But first, this Saturday at 10:00 a.m., almost exactly a year since the Glen Cove brewery opened, two of its more established hoppy beers will debut in the format: Gold Coast, a West Coast-style double IPA possessing a firm bitterness and bold flavors of citrus and tropical fruit; and Sour Batch Citra, a sour wheat beer whose tartness is complimented by a vibrant fruitiness as a result of assertive dry-hopping with Citra hops. Each beer is limited to only 50 cases, though there is no limit on sales per person.

“We’re eager and excited to start getting these beers into the hands of our fans as freshly and as fast as possible,” Kossoff said. “We’re hoping for a great turnout.”

Gold Coast and Sour Batch Citra, can release Saturday at 10:00 a.m., $18 for four-pack of 16-ounce cans of either beer at Garvies Point Brewery, 1 Garvies Point Road, Glen Cove, 516-815-1999