Meet the Bakers Behind the Best Gluten-Free Treats on Long Island

At Wild Flours Bake Shop in Huntington, Carolyn Arcario tends to cupcakes awaiting frosting.

When you first discover that the food you eat is making you sick, it’s always good to have someone by your side. Whether it’s your sister or your best friend, going through the trials and tribulations together makes it a little bit easier. No one understands this more than the owners of Wild Flours Bake Shop and End of the Line. When gluten became their digestive enemy, these two small businesses became committed to making flavorful gluten-free baked goods for people who have dietary restrictions like themselves.


Peach Banana Scones in progress at Wild Flours Bake Shop.

Fifteen years ago, Carolyn Arcario had a high-stress financial position in the city and her diet consisted mostly of bagels and pizza. One day, she woke up and her joints were so stiff, she couldn’t move. It turned out that she was highly gluten intolerant and needed to remove it from her diet completely. Unfortunately, gluten was in many of the things she loved to eat and she felt like she couldn’t eat anything.

Carolyn always enjoyed baking at home in her free time, so she started taking recreational classes to learn how to make gluten-free recipes. As she sampled numerous gluten-free products around the city, Carolyn realized that she could do so much more with them. Around this time, her sister, Mary Mucci, developed a gluten sensitivity and wanted to remove it from her diet, too. Frustrated with the lack of healthy options, the sisters decided to “bake better” and opened their bakery, Wild Flours Bake Shop, in Huntington.

Carolyn Arcario poses in the front kitchen of her gluten-free bake shop.

Painted a cheery yellow and boasting a small café inside, patrons enjoy popular lunch items like quiches, paninis and pizzas. In the bakery, chocolate chip scones fly off the shelves along with crumb cakes, pies and sandwich rolls. Wild Flours also has a complete line of bread products with baguettes, cranberry country bread, sandwich loaves and soft rye.

Carolyn contributes the bake shop’s success to the incredibly “clean taste” found in every bite. Wild Flours only uses the highest-quality organic, non-GMO ingredients available and never adds any preservatives, dyes, modifiers or enhancements to their baked goods. Products are available for purchase in-store and online at


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Jen and Jay, the faces behind End of the Line, would like to wish all of our family, friends and fans a Happy New Year! 2016 was a huge year for us. Officially launching our product line in stores and opening our online shop as well. We are so thankful for all of the support and excited to see what 2017 has in store for us! Have a happy and safe start to 2017 and please enjoy 20% off all online orders over $16 all this week with promo code THANKYOU2016! (store link in profile) #thankyou2016 #newyearseve #glutenfree #instafood #wineinfused #frenchmacarons #cookies #greatyear #success #cantwaitfor2017 #instagood #instayum #goodfoodgoodfriends @jayvivantlavie @jennyk28 @brettstagrams @kitchen_for_rent @edibleeastend @ediblelongisland @marthaclara @tasteny @foodandwine @dominosugar

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Jen Nappi, a pharmacist, and Jay Sloan, the brand ambassador for Coney Island Brewing Company, have been best friends since middle school. So, when Jen was diagnosed with celiac disease eight years ago and had to eliminate gluten from her diet, Jay came to the rescue.

Since there weren’t many gluten-free products on the market at the time, Jay started making his own flour blends. In the beginning, they were just baking for Jen so she could have tasty things to eat. But after they made some wine-infused macarons for a 5k Race for Celiacs, they realized they could turn their hobby into a business.

The two friends started End of the Line, an up-and-coming bakery whose primary focus is on bringing high-quality “indulgent” products to the gluten-free market. In addition to their wine-infused French macarons, they also make gluten-free cookies in two drool-worthy flavors: brown butter toffee pecan and dark chocolate sea salt caramel. Also, releasing this month is their newest product, Namasd8, an all-natural vegan date bar containing no preservatives, no added sugar and only eight ingredients.

Operating out of the Kitchen Co-op in Amityville, the two partners bake several days a month to ensure that their products are always well stocked. For now, End of the Line is a profitable side business with the hopes of becoming a full-time venture down the road. The partners consider baking their “fun job” and are always amazed that their dream is becoming a reality. Products can be purchased online at