Introducing the Edible Collective, a Fellowship of Good Food & Drink Professionals United by Community

Woodford Reserve tastings at the first-ever Edible Bar Symposium at the Culinary Institute of America, in late November 2016.

Imagine an exclusive network of leaders, authorities and creators in the local food community, made up entirely of members of that same community. That is, in essence, what the Edible Collective is.

Described as a fellowship of food and drink experts and professionals, collective members are like ambassadors, officials of the highest rank sent to represent on a highly important mission.

Edible collective members are experts in their fields, which include a wide range of industries from food and wine to the arts, travel, real estate and technology.

Created in the fall of 2016, the collective is the brainchild of Edible publisher Stephen Munshin and Edible‘s head of business development and experiential initiatives, Meg Savage.

“Edible is all about community,” says Meg Savage, Edible‘s head of business development and experiential initiatives.

“Edible is all about community,” says Savage. “We have access to the great minds, workers and professionals that are doing amazing things on a daily basis that change and improve the way we eat and drink. We wanted to formalize this community and create a fellowship that will not only unite all of them but give back to them.”

Collective membership is free and affords members invitations to special tastings and gatherings, as well as the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and other upcoming initiatives.

It also situates each member to be Edible’s first point of contact for stories, editorials and tips, along with the opportunity to share their latest projects and initiatives with the Edible audience.

Edible Bar Symposium attendees enjoyed a plethora of Woodford Reserve–based cocktails.

During the year, the collective will host several events to showcase members, along with their talents and products. Past events have included dinners and tastings at New York City restaurants such as Jue Lan, Sons of Essex and Lexington Brass, as well as the first-ever Edible Bar Symposium, held at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, on November 29, 2016.

“We hosted 100 bartending professionals that are members of our guild,” says Savage. “It was a day full of tastings and learnings, that ended with a five-course meal prepared by the chefs of CIA, with special cocktail pairings curated by select members of our guild.”

The collective has many more such events planned for this year that will showcase the vast talent and knowledge of its members while bringing the community closer together.

Edible Collective members share knowledge and network over drinks.

Savage hopes that members will use the collective as a source and resource to connect with other collective members and expand on that region’s wealth of knowledge.

“We hope that the collective will create a community within our vast Edible community,” says Savage. “One that provides insights and access to one another, learning and, well, a whole lot of really good food and drinks.”

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