We Found the Ultimate Party Snack—And It’s Made Right Here on Long Island

Atlantic City has inspired a lot of ideas—some good, many bad. We know for sure, however, that it inspired at least one great one: All American Wontons.

“My best friend, Kerri [Watkins], and I were in Atlantic City one day about five years ago,” says Kelly Kay, co-founder of the company. “We were eating edamame dumplings and we just thought, ‘These are okay, but they’re kind of boring. Why don’t we make our own?'”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Kelly and Kerri started making wontons for their friends and family. Everyone loved them so much, they could barely keep up with the requests. People wanted them to make their wontons for what felt like every party.

“We started to think we should really start a business,” says Kelly.

And so they did.

Kerri (left) and Kelly (right) at a local farmers market.

Together, they started making wontons out of A Taste of Long Island in Farmingdale, then at Kitchen Co-op in Amityville, and now—finally—at Massapequa’s C&C Catering. And let’s get one thing straight right off that bat: these ain’t your mama’s wontons. They’re creative—ranging in flavor from Buffalo Chicken to Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese, Chicken Bacon Ranch to Banana Nutella—and made ethically, and organically-when-possible, right here on the Island by two childhood best friends.

“I just really like to eat,” says Kelly. “Whenever I go to a restaurant, it gives me ideas for new flavors. I also sometimes think of random ones when I’m lying up at night, trying to go to sleep. This business is really something I live with. I love discovering and trying new things.”

Her favorite flavor? It’s a tie between the Cranberry Sharp Cheddar and the Jalapeño Popper. Between the two, it’s impossible to decide.

Spinach & Artichoke Wonton

All American Wontons are available for purchase fresh or frozen. You can find All American Wontons at C&C Catering in Massapequa (571 Broadway) and at TJ McBrews in Sound Beach (299 North Country Road). For $5-10, they’ll even deliver.

To see their complete menu, please visit All American Wonton’s website.