Prost: An Authentic Taste of Germany in Garden City

I love when the name of an establishment exemplifies and shares its beliefs. The ritual of wishing each other good health when we clink our glasses is so very marvelous an idea to start a meal off on the right note. It seems so essential to the start of the meal with family and friends and Prost in Garden City dispenses this atmosphere from its core.

We arrive in the bitter cold and are immediately warmed by the friendly greeting we meet at the door. The staff is casual, welcoming, and unfazed by the boys’ presence as our guests. We pass gorgeous historical photos of Germany adorning the walls.

The long and gleaming bar is adorned with soccer banners from the various German national and club teams. The rainbow of colors brightens the masculine space and draws us to the bar to have a better look. The warm and relaxed atmosphere is inviting, especially on the cold day when all we really want is a comfortable space to rest our feet and some yummy food.

The menu is extensive and has all of our favorites. The pretzel appetizer is a must and the kids’ menu is delightful. It offers spaetzle and cheese and a bratwurst along with the necessary pasta and chicken finger options. I love an authentic cuisine that offers its version of a kid menu highlighting its specialties. We steer the boys towards ordering the German delicacies. John is always the adventurous one and will eat anything we put in front of him, and everything we have on our own plates; the greedy little guy. Daniel, on the other hand, still favors the typical “kid food”. Where my little boy went who once ate everything, I do not know, but he tries more and more everyday.

The boys are quite pleased when their apple juice comes out in a small beer mug. We all give the mandatory “prost” in the aptly named establishment. The beer menu offers typical German favorites as well as a few locally brewed choices.

We start with the charcuterie platter and the Bavarian pretzel as appetizers. The pretzel comes out hot and covered extensively in salt; just the way I like it. Matthew is finally able to enjoy our eating adventures and nibbles happily on the pretzel in his high chair. The charcuterie platter arrives with assorted dried and smoked meats, cheeses and German delicacies and does not disappoint. We dive into the savory lot and combine it with the sweet walnuts and dried cherries that are sprinkled on the plate. We are delighted and devour it in full.

Our lunch arrives and my cheddar brat loaded with its“ generous infusion of cheddar cheese” is heaven and matches perfectly with its sweet red cabbage counterpart that arrives on the side. It is nestled within a pretzel roll bun, which completely adds to my magnificent indulging moment. John nibbles away at his bratwurst while Daniel enjoys the fries. Unfortunately we haven’t sold him on spaetzle yet, but as we enjoy forkfuls of it ourselves, we secretly are happy that there is more for us to share and know that one day he will understand what he is missing out on.

We skip dessert and exit the restaurant into the cold air, pleased with the fullness in our bellies and the fine company and service we left within.