At Mary’s Marvelous in East Hampton, Muffins and Mornings Worth Traveling For

Mary's Marvelous in East Hampton

Mary’s Marvelous in East Hampton

For us, a trip to East Hampton is a long one, but we make our way with two special goals in mind: to meet a friend who now calls this town her home, and to visit Mary’s Marvelous, in the hopes of finding out just how marvelous a place with such a delightful name must be. Its charming brick façade is inviting and fits with the casual, beach-town feel of the area. We travel on a day when the beach weather has long since faded, but are awakened by the crispness of autumn and everything it brings. This is the second location as the original still hosts locals and celebrities in nearby Amagansett. The hometown feel of the small marketplace makes it a perfect stop to grab breakfast or lunch in an easygoing atmosphere.


We enter and are drawn into the sights and smells that abide within these walls. The boys’ eyes are torn in their interests, either to flock to the cases full of baked goods that have awakened our olfactory senses or to the giant cookie jars, placed at the boys’ eye level. I suspect this was done strategically for all the little boys and girls to goggle and stare. We come for breakfast and John opts for the blueberry muffins, while Daniel and I choose the chocolate sour cream ones. I don’t think it would be fair to truly categorize the massive chunks of dark chocolate embedded in each bite as a chip. These are a true dessert breakfast; what a chance to start off the day in an amazing way. John’s blueberry is divine and we sit on the picture windowsill and watch the customers weave their way in and out of the store for their morning fare.


Merrie and her boys’ bounty: 1 blueberry muffin and 2 chocolate sour cream

Halfway through the muffins, the boys’ eyes catch the market side and before I know it they are munching on some of the prettiest green apples that I’ve ever seen. Their palettes and minds are hungry for all this wonderful place has to offer and their delight in the goodness of the apples rivals their own with the muffins. I sit, drinking a hot latte, and enjoy watching the people pass by on the street. The comfort and goodness of Mary’s Marvelous’ baked goods and lunch specials keeps us cozy on the inside. The staff is equally hospitable and kind and don’t seem to mind the boys’ restless antics.

Mary’s Marvelous does justice to its name. We would take the long trip out East anytime in an attempt to relive our morning. I love a good hometown place, and Mary’s Marvelous is just that.