7 Things You Need to Know in Food This Week

Commercial fisherman in North Carolina • Photo courtesy of Civil Eats

Commercial fisherman in North Carolina • Photo courtesy of Civil Eats

From the Arctic Food Chain to how millennials are changing the holiday family gathering to the favorite drink of your Italian grandfather, here are the 7 things you need to know in food this week.

More Than Coffee: New York’s Vanishing Diner Culture: “American coffee shops, like English pubs, Viennese coffee houses and Greek kaffenions, tend to engender klatches, informal clubs. At the old Key West Diner on 94th Street and Broadway, now known as the Manhattan Diner, the laughter of the comedian Anne Meara and her friends used to fill the room. And where would the sitcom classic “Seinfeld,” the idea of which was conceived in a coffee shop, have been without the regular scenes at Monk’s Café?”

How Millennials Are Changing Holiday Dining: “For many people, traveling during the holidays — the busiest days of the year for airlines and roads — is too much of a hassle. Data shows cooking holiday meals might be falling out of fashion with some groups, as more and more people look for alternative dine-out options. But are holiday dinners in restaurants becoming the norm?”

The Favorite Drink Of Italian Grandpas Gets An American Revival:  “In this season of indulgence (and overindulgence), some people will turn to the treadmill, while others turn to the Pepto-Bismol. Author Brad Thomas Parsons will reach for the bottle — specifically, a bottle full of a liqueur called amaro, which people have used as a digestive aid for centuries.”

Global Warming Alters Arctic Food Chain, Scientists Say, With Unforeseeable Results: “While global warming has affected the whole planet in recent decades, nowhere has been hit harder than the Arctic. This month, temperatures in the high Arctic have been as much as 36 degrees above average, according to records kept by the Danish Meteorological Institute.”

With Trump, China Emerges As Global Leader on Climate: “With Donald Trump threatening to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, China is ready to assume leadership of the world’s climate efforts. For China, it is a matter of self-interest – reducing the choking pollution in its cities and seizing the economic opportunities of a low-carbon future.”

Can North Carolina’s Local Seafood Movement Help Save its Fishermen?: “North Carolina’s commercial fishermen—who work primarily in independent, small-scale operations—landed 66 million pounds of fish last year, but rather than ending up on North Carolina plates, the majority was whisked out of state to markets where it could fetch a higher price.”

When a Local Dairy Grows UpWhat happens when an underdog drinks its milk and grows up to become the biggest, sassiest pup on the block? In most industries, that’s almost invariably seen as a good thing.

But in the world of sustainable, artisanal food, big inherently seems bad, and cult brands are often shunned by their first proselytizers once financial success arrives.”