11 Things You Need to Eat and Drink This November

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A lot of things are set to happen this November. For starters, on November 8, we’ll all get out and vote for our country’s next president. A few days later, on November 11, we’ll honor our nation’s veterans. All month, the red and orange leaves on the trees outside our windows will fall and pile up on our lawns. Christmas carols will begin to tiptoe their way onto our playlists. We’ll gather together for Thanksgiving on November 24, and bemoan the performances of our football teams here and there in between.

And we’ll eat. Of course.

Long Island is a great place to eat in November. Our poultry farmers are all ready for Thanksgiving and our bakers put all our farms’ apples and pumpkins to great, delicious use. If you loved our Eating & Drinking Bucket List for October, we trust you’re going to love our Bucket List for November even more.

So, without further ado: here’s 11 things you need to eat and drink this month.

1. Turkey


This is a no-brainer, right? In an election cycle where everyone seems to be pointing fingers at what is and isn’t American (and who is and isn’t American), I think we can all agree on one thing: Eating turkey in November—preferably for Thanksgiving—is about as American as it gets. Luckily, Long Island has a lot of great options for it, too. Check out our roundup of local poultry farmers to find your bird this year!

2. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Soup

You love the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin in pie; now it’s time to try it in soup. Last month, Chef Emily Peterson shared her favorite recipe. It’s simple, easy-to-make, and sure to nourish you all November long. Enjoy with some hearty bread and the Netflix binge of your choice (though we personally believe the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin pairs perfectly with Season 3 of Black Mirror).

3. Sweet Potato Loaf by Carissa’s Breads

Take one look at Carissa’s sweet potato loaf and you’ll know it’s exactly what your Thanksgiving dinner’s been missing. I mean, just look at it. It’s as T.W. Barritt wrote in his Baked on Long Island column last month: “A slice of Carissa’s sweet potato loaf would pair perfectly with a hot cup of herbal tea, or complement the robust flavors of a harvest meal.” We’ll just eat it as often as we can this month, thank you very much.

4. Every Coffee-Based Drink on This List

No offense to Starbucks, but there’s so much more to fall than Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Our local coffee shops are making all the fall flavors proud this season. From the Maple Mocha Latte at Roast in Patchogue, to the Linzer Latte at Tend Coffee House in Shirley, we’re going to follow the advice of Edible‘s own Carri Horner: when in doubt, order two drinks. 

5. Wine-Infused Macarons 


We’ve all seen that meme with Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother about November 1st, right? And when the clock strikes midnight, Halloween will end, it says, then bam! Christmas carols everywhere. Our seasonal sense of celebratory indulgence works similarly, too. November comes and suddenly we’re aware of the fact that we’re celebrating—and celebrating, for us, usually means with food. What better way to celebrate than with boozy macarons?! Made right here on Long Island by two lifelong friends, these macarons are inspired by and actually infused with Long Island wine. A five-pack would make the perfect hostess gift this Thanksgiving (that is, if you could acquire these and not just eat them all yourself).

6. Apple Butter

With or without a splash of bourbon, apple butter is one condiment of which we can never get enough. We especially like to spread it over a slice of our favorite bread, make ourselves a cup of tea, and enjoy it wherever we have a good view of the foliage just outside our windows. An added bonus? It’s surprisingly easy to make at home. Here, Joan Bernstein walks us through it.

7. Harvest Kale Salad Bowls

Cold weather calls for hearty vegetables—and this recipe from Edible‘s own Priscilla Chamessian puts them to perfect use. With kale, strawberries, chopped pecans, a sweet potato hash, and more, this salad is the perfect weeknight dinner for even the pickiest, least vegetable-friendly eater. I mean, it has steak on it. It’s pretty hard to argue with steak.

8. 2015 Grapes of Roth Virgin Berry Riesling 

What do winemakers drink to celebrate? According to Roman Roth, winemaker and co-owner of Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack, he and his family drink this Virgin Berry Riesling every Christmas Eve. And if it’s good enough for him and his, it’s certainly good enough for us and ours. “Some rieslings can get on your nerves,” says Roth. “They poke you. Some people get annoyed with the sweetness of riesling, some by the acid. But here, the sugar is a faint lushness.” Consider us sold.

9. Apfelstrudel from Junda’s Pastry, Crust & Crumbs

apple strudel

Photo by Su-Jit Lin-DeSimone

For authentic apple strudel, you don’t need to travel so far as Germany or Austria. In Jamesport, Junda’s is actually showing the Europeans how it’s done! As Edible‘s own Authentic Eats expert Su-Jit Lin-DeSimone wrote last year, “Junda’s apfelstrudel is not just an authentic rendition of the original, but an improvement. German clients flock to this homey little bakery on the Main Road for a taste of home, and rave about its superiority over even what they experienced in their childhoods.” Yes, please. We’ll take two.

10. Hard Cider


We’re big fans of grown-up apple juice around here. Whether we’re teaching you how to make it yourself at home, or telling you where to take a day trip to go and get it, we like to keep things pretty cider-centric around here in the fall. No list of what we’re eating and drinking this November would be complete without it.

11. Pie from Harvest Moon Bakeshop

We love everything from Harvest Moon Bakeshop, whatever the size, but we especially swoon over the pies on their Fall menu. From Salted Carmel Apple to Maple Bourbon Pumpkin, these pies combine all of our favorite flavors—and they’re all made with locally grown, mostly organic ingredients. To try one yourself—or order a bunch for your next party (their Thanksgiving special will get you two 9-inch pies for $45)—get in touch with owner Elena Hryb. She takes special orders based on dietary restrictions and even delivers. The pie’s the limit!

What else are you looking forward to eating and drinking this month? Let us know in the comments!