No Tricks Here: 5 Local Treats to Enjoy—and Share—this Halloween


If you have school-aged children like we do, I’m sure you’ve heard about being BOO’d. The premise is fairly simple: fill a bag with treats and leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep along with a message that says, “You’ve been BOO’d.” Then, your neighbor affixes the message to their window and then they have to BOO two more people.

In a weird way, it kind of reminds me of Ring-and-Run. Only now, you leave treats in the middle of the night instead of just running away provoking your neighbors to call the cops on you. All kidding aside, being BOO’d is a sweet way to say “hi” to your neighbors and a fun way to kick off this festive holiday.

So when my kids asked me what we were putting in our BOO Bags this year, it got me thinking: could we turn this into a neat little way to support local businesses too?

I ran the idea by the kids and after explaining why I wanted to do this, they got on board with the idea pretty quickly. I’m pretty excited to take BOO’ing to the next level and ditch the mass-produced candies in favor of some locally sourced goodies.

To help you get started, here are 5 of my children’s favorite local treats.

1. North Fork Chips

These “Kettle Cooked” chips are cut twice as thick as regular potato chips, which means maximum crunch and minimal greasiness in every bite. They’re all natural, preservative-free, and Kosher. Plus, when you buy a bag of North Fork Chips you’re helping to support a family farm located right here on Long Island.

2. Old School Favorites

This unique line of gourmet chocolate Szauces and maple-glazed Nutz are perfect for making spooky Halloween desserts. Old School Favorites prides itself on making all of their products with love, in small batches, to assure the highest quality standards. When you purchase one of these products, you’re supporting a family business that makes “love in a bowl” and “food for the soul.”

3. North Fork Taffy

Not all taffy makers use real sea salt, but North Fork Taffy does. This artisanal taffy is soft in texture and delicate in taste, and is made with real Long Island sea salt! This family business prides itself on cooking their taffy at a lower temperature, which keeps it from becoming too hard. With so many flavors to choose from, a mixed box is your best way to sample them all!

4. Copia Granola

A great tasting, gluten-free granola bar is really hard to come by. Some are too bland. Some are too hard. Some just aren’t tasty. Copia Granola solves this problem with their nutritious, organic, and non-GMO granola and energy bars. Baked from scratch, without any preservatives, you can feel good about tossing these in your Boo bags!

5. Tate’s Cookies

No Halloween goodie bag would ever be complete without some crunchy, crispy cookies. Even though Tate’s Cookies can already be found in most people’s pantries, they’re always a welcome sight to behold. Made with the finest ingredients, these crisp, buttery cookies do not contain any additives or preservatives. Plus, they make gluten-free cookies too!