Training Foods: Beer Hall at the Plattduetsche Biergarten


With Oktoberfest fast approaching and the fall chill cooling the air, we can’t think of a better spot to enjoy the season than Beer Hall at the Plattduetsche Biergarten in Franklin Square. I have long had this place on my list to visit, and the mile or so walk from the Stewart Manor train station is well worth the mileage on our stroller and on our weary legs. I’d walk four times the distance if I had to; it’s that good.

We meet friends along the way at their nearby home, and the craving for a hearty meal, good company and an excellent pint of beer brings us to this restaurant and biergarten.

We walk in and meet the massive wrap-around bar, highlighting their extensive list of German imported beers on tap. Our view pans up to the vaulted ceiling. The rafters give way to a second level of seating, spanning the room in its entirety. The American and German flags pay homage to the two fine countries they call home. We are all struck by the beauty and sheer size of this massive indoor/outdoor eatery.


I love a place where my children blend into the background, their presence is commonplace and their laughter adds to the ambiance. Like any good biergarten, children are a mainstay and the idea of coming together with friends, family and the feeling of togetherness is a staple.   The boys spread their cars in the open-air breezeway, away from the crowd beginning to form in the early hours of their day. We arrive as they open, and are happy to enjoy the space before the masses arrive for the evening fare.

We start off by ordering a pretzel, because one cannot avoid this giant salty indulgence that comes with sweet and hot mustards for dipping. The boys dive in. The adults order off the imported beers menu, and we dive in ourselves.




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The beer hall menu is alluring, and we are drawn to the Little Bavarians, which come as eight mini pretzel sliders sandwiching sliced bratwurst, swiss cheese and bacon. Need I say more? A decadent mouthful, I love anything pretzel and relish in all German establishments that make this phenomenon commonplace. We split the Bavarian wurst sampler platter, with every wurst we can think of, and even some we can’t. The completion of the plate is the accompaniment of sauerkraut and homemade German potato salad.


The hall not only has great food and drinks, but also hosts a myriad of events throughout the year. Ompahfest, a Christkindl Market, Pig Roast, Sunday brunches, fundraisers and a multitude of cover bands, to name a few, grace the presence of this wonderful place and prove that there is something here for everyone at the beer hall.

Good beer, delicious food, great company and family time is my idea of the perfect adventure. We will definitely become regulars here to experience it all.