Fall Is Here; Pumpkins Are Too


Acorns are all over my driveway and the leaves are starting to pile up under my trees. I find myself putting on boots instead of flip flops in the morning and grabbing a sweater before I head out the door. This can only mean one thing: Autumn is here.

After a hot and humid summer, I welcome the cool breezes and all of the fun fall activities that come with the drop in temperature. Whether it’s maneuvering my way around a corn maze, or spending the day Out East apple and pumpkin picking, as long as I’m outdoors with my kids, I’m happy.

My children tend to be creatures of habit, so when it comes time to go pumpkin picking, we usually go to Harbes. This farm has an array of activities available to keep families entertained all day long. From a corn maze to a wagon ride, from a bicycling track to a super-sized pumpkin patch, we typically spend an entire afternoon here. Plus, when there’s live music to listen to and fresh corn on the cob to eat, what more could you ask for? Perhaps, cider donuts, but they have those too.


Even though each visit brings forth a similar routine for our family, it never feels stale or old. It feels more like a really good hug from Grandma – familiar, cozy and warm – which is why we continue to go back year after year.

My children like to start off our pumpkin picking extravaganza with a trip in to the corn maze. At the Jamesport location, the new 5-acre maze takes about 45 minutes to get through and was in pristine condition on our visit. There’s something to be said for walking among ears of corn taller than your head and weaving in and out of all of the paths. This year, the clouds were fairly ominous during our time in the maze and added a special spooky element to our adventure.

After we escaped from the corn maze, my husband and I played corn hole while the kids rode on the bicycle track. As the sun crept out from behind the clouds, we were able to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the day. Families were together – laughing, eating, and playing. The breeze was whispering across the fields making it cool enough for a sweater, but still warm enough to feel the sun on your face. And, the smell of delicious treats wafting across the farm was just lovely.

When we finished eating a gluttonous feast of apple cider, cider donuts, and corn slathered in butter, we headed into the pumpkin patch with our bellies full. It’s our favorite part of the day, which is why we save it for last. As the kids ran through the fields to see who could find the biggest pumpkin of them all, my husband and I walked quietly behind them, taking it all in.


This year, my creatures of habit surprised us and bounced out of the field with two enormous white pumpkins in their arms. We’ve never really been a white pumpkin family before, but they had already named their pumpkins “Hercules” and “Peaches,” so apparently, they were coming home with us. As the kids played hide and seek in the grassy fields, my husband found his perfect orange pumpkin and I found mine. On our way out, the kids picked up some pretty funny looking gourds for our fireplace mantle and I remembered to snag a most perfectly imperfect pumpkin for our six hens to snack on.As we headed back to the car with a wagon full of pumpkins and gourds, we all agreed that it was a day well spent.

As we headed back to the car with a wagon full of pumpkins and gourds, we all agreed that it was a day well spent.