1940’s Brewing Comes to Holbrook

Becker in January 1940

Walter Becker in January 1940

The year was 1940 and Walter Becker had just graduated from the U.S Brewing Academy. That degree led him to become the assistant brewmaster at Rheingold beer, where he remained for over 40 years. Now, decades later, the doors to 1940’s Brewing have opened with his son Charlie Becker at the helm.

Taking a page from his families past, Becker started recreationally homebrewing — often times collaborating with his daughter. He even joined a local homebrewing club and began serving his beer at festivals and getting feedback from the public.

A couple years ago, Becker made the leap to professional when the now-defunct Taste of Long Island began operating as an alternating proprietorship — essentially a shared brewery. He and partner Jon Brengel used the time to hone their skill and perfect recipes, all while looking for a space to call their own.

Charlie Becker in 1940s Brewing Company today

Charlie Becker in 1940s Brewing Company in 2016

That place is a 5-barrel brewery and tasting room in Holbrook, not far from Spider Bite Beer Co. and Saint James Brewery. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and months of construction and paperwork, 1940’s is now brewing beer to supply both local bars and their on-site tasting room.

Though their grand opening was only a few weeks ago, there are already seven beers on tap ranging from a summery, refreshing American Blonde to a traditional German rye beer. 1940’s is paying homage to the Becker family’s Irish, German and Austrian heritage with their recipes while also mixing in modern styles like hoppy IPAs. “We just want to brew a good product that people are going to enjoy,” says Becker.

The tasting room is open Thursday-Sunday and located at 1337-1 Lincoln Avenue in Holbrook. If you’d like a peek behind the scenes to see where the magic happens, brewery tours are available upon request.