Wine-Infused Macarons on Long Island? Oui.


When I first heard of Wine at the Finish Line’s End of the Line macarons—inspired by, and actually infused with, Long Island wine—I got a bit poetical. Like Keats, I wondered, “Was this a vision, or a waking dream?” The happy truth: it was reality.

End of the Line macarons are, indeed, wine-infused macarons inspired by Long Island wine—and they’re being made by two lifelong friends right at Kitchen Co-op in Amityville.

Jen Nappi and Jay Sloan have been friends since middle school. Jen is a pharmacist and Jay is the brand ambassador of Coney Island Brewing Company. “We like to tell people that End of the Line is our fun job,” Jen says.

Fun, too, is the story of how they got started.

“I have Celiac Disease and Jay has a gluten intolerance,” says Jen. “So, we were running a 5K for Celiac Disease a couple years ago, and we decided we had to come up with a team name. What were we gonna do? I said, ‘All I know is I want wine at the finish line,’ and there it was. That was the team name we came upon, which then sprung into a blog, then a catering company, and now this macaron company as well. We knew that we wanted wine at the finish line, but also that we weren’t going to stand there with Solo cups, so we had to be creative. How were we gonna bring wine to the finish line? So I said, ‘We’re gonna make wine-infused macarons.” The funny part? I had never made a macaron before.”

Jay Sloan and Jen Nappi

Jay Sloan and Jen Nappi

Since then, she and Jay have made plenty. After spending four months perfecting their recipe, they got licensed (in December 2015), and then began baking and packaging their macarons at Kitchen Co-op.

“We had our first packaged project in February,” says Jen. “We started with our 3-flavor pack, which includes a rosé, a chocolate merlot, and a sauvignon blanc. These have been selling really well out East.”

On August 27, they will introduce a new 5-flavor pack—which includes the three original flavors plus two new ones: orange wine and blueberry port.

“All of our flavors are inspired by Long Island wine,” says Jen. “For example, our new blueberry port is inspired by the blueberry port out at Duck Walk Vineyards. The alcohol product gets cooked off, but there’s wine in the filling.”

It’s no surprise, then, that End of the Line’s macarons has been embraced by so many East End wineries. You can find them at Martha Clara Vineyards, Waters Crest Winery, and Laurel Lake Vineyards—as well as at North Fork Chocolate Company and Taste the East End.

On Sunday, August 28, you can even find them in Nassau County. For one day only—at least, for starters—End of the Line will be hosting a pop-up shop at Kitchen Co-op. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., visitors will be able to buy their wine-infused macarons, as well as other gluten-free treats.

“Our big dream is to start doing more gluten-free products,” says Jen. “We really want to bring what we’re doing to the community. In the meantime though, we’re really having fun with the macarons. When you say wine-infused French macarons, people’s faces just drop. They’re so excited. I’ve scoured the internet to see if anyone else is making them, but they’re not. So, really, this is exciting for us, too.”

End of the Line macarons retail at $10-13. Follow them on Facebook here