Canned City: Northport’s Sand City Brewing Co. Gets Canned

Group Shot

It’s just after dawn on a Saturday morning and the line is already starting to form. By the time doors open, people will be snaked down the block. No, this isn’t the scene outside a venue getting ready to host some popular top 40 band. It’s devoted craft beer enthusiasts across the country waiting to get their hands on the latest small batch from their favorite brewery. With the help of their new canning line, Sand City in Northport is getting in on the action.

Though they feature a varied tap list peppered with Belgian beers and a delicious stout made with local coffee, Sand City has quickly become known for IPAs so it’s only fitting that their first canned beers were hop forward. Last weekend marked the release of two favorites: Mofosaic and Second Wave. Mofosaic is an IPA exclusively hopped with mosaic hops.


“They’re one of those hops people are getting excited about and for good reason,” says head brewer and co-owner Kevin Sihler. It’s the first single hopped beer that Sand City has brewed and feedback has been positive—they’re already on their third run of it. Second Wave is an excessively hopped Double IPA that is more in the hazy, New England style. “It’s tropical, fruity and even at 8% alcohol it’s an easy drinker,” says Sihler, laughing.

110 cases of each were available and people started to gather well before beer went on sale at 10 am. In the first three hours Mofosaic totally sold out with Second Wave only lasting until the following day. Not too bad for their first foray into canning.

A celebratory round of shotgun for the guys at Sand City

A celebratory round of shotgun for the guys at Sand City

“It was a surreal experience when we got it running for the first time,” says Sihler of the canning line. It took a few weeks to get going, but now that the hurdle is cleared they have big plans for the new piece of equipment. Sand City will eventually can their full lineup of IPA’s, though other styles will make their way to the canning line as well. Look for releases about twice a month on a rotating basis, so if you see one of your favorites on deck you might want to clear your Saturday morning.

If you missed the first can release don’t worry, Mofosaic and Second Wave are both still available on tap in the Sand City tasting room at 60 Main St in Northport.