Japanese Farm-To-Table Class with Bhavani Jaroff

Bhavani Jaroff

Bhavani Jaroff at a cooking demonstration.

It’s not just a Japanese cooking demo. It is a farm-to-table vegan, gluten-free, Japanese cooking demonstration with hands-on elements (such as harvesting the vegetables and rolling the nori appetizer) that culminates in a convivial sit-down dinner al fresco. And all this rolled-into-one fun is happening next Tuesday, July 26, starting at 5:30 p.m at the iEat Green Homestead in Old Westbury, led by chef Bhavani Jaroff.

Jaroff is a natural foods chef, educator and radio host and the owner of iEat Green, which provides chef services, cooking classes and educational demos for families, schools, businesses, and libraries. Over the last 30 years she has become well-known around the island for her presentations, her commitment to local food and her work with the Slow Food movement.

She chose Japanese for this class because, “It’s so clean, easy and quick; it’s the way I usually eat.” She continues, “For people looking to eat vegetarian it’s a great go-to. And it goes with what I have in the garden right now.”

The menu will include vegetable nori rolls; Asian green salad with ginger dressing; arame (seaweed) sauté with carrots and onions; Japanese stir fry vegetables with tofu, served over brown rice noodles in sesame sauce; and raw lemon raspberry cheesecake.

“I am not vegan, but I mostly eat that way,” Jaroff says. “I love to show people that you can have a full-flavored, satisfying meal that is vegan and gluten free and not feel like you are lacking anything.”

The class is part of a series (you can take one, two, or all three) at the iEatGreen Homestead where Jaroff has a 1/4-acre farm-garden. Each session is $89. Subsequent classes will be Mediterranean Farm to Table on August 2 and Thai Farm to Table on August 16. Attendees are welcome to bring their own wine for dinner.