Training Foods: New Wave Seafood in Wantagh

New Wave Seafood

The lobster roll at New Wave Seafood.

When it comes to summer dining on Long Island, there is no better way to experience the season than to eat at our favorite seafood place. We travel to New Wave Seafood in Wantagh to “dine in” at one of the premier fish retailers on Long Island.

New Wave Seafood has been owned and operated since 1995 by a family known for fresh seafood, knowledgeable staff and attention to detail, and who has been serving Long Island customers since 1905. We are not disappointed when we arrive to peruse the selection. The glass cases are filled with seafood. The boys are in awe of the fish, some still with eyes that glare back at them. They are slightly confused at the sight of a plastic Nemo and Dory that sit behind the glass next to their once-living counterparts. The humor is lost on the boys, but not on me.

Once a retail only store, New Wave Seafood opened a restaurant next door about seven years ago. This informal eatery is simple and unassuming. The menu is on point and offers everything one would hope that a good seafood restaurant would. Clam strips, sesame seared ahi tuna, Maryland crab cakes and so much more; the advantage here is the freshness, because the fish travel directly from supplier to kitchen.

New Wave Seafood

Ice cream comes with the meal.

The staff is pleasant and patient as our order changes more than once. Daniel and John order off the kids menu. John, ever the adventurer, has a new obsession with wanting to eat crab, and opts for the fish sticks; Daniel, as usual, plays it safe and orders spaghetti. I order the summer staple; New Wave’s Famous Twin Lobster Roll.  Baby Matthew is simply happy leaving the confinement of his stroller and is now able to join us at the table.




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The rolls arrive chock full of lobster chunks, lightly doused with mayo and accented with celery. There is no scrimping on meat here, and I take a moment to bask in the glory of this delicious treat. It is accompanied by pickles, fries and coleslaw. I know this place and their food quite well, so I could go on about this coleslaw. It is a staple in our home for family parties no matter the menu.

The boys, straight from their first day of summer camp, devour their plates. They sit and wait, anticipating the ice cream cup that comes with their meal. We take it outside to eat and slide under the summer sun that greets us. We leave here happy, enjoying the weather, the company and the simple summer pleasures we encounter today at this wonderful establishment.