There’s a Lot Brewing on Long Island and the Long Island Visitors Bureau Wants You to Know About It

Ask an outsider to describe what makes Long Island special and you’ll probably get one of the following answers: its beaches (breathtaking), its golf courses (world-renowned), or its infamous Iced Tea (lethal). But, as everyone who lives here knows, Long Island has so much more to offer locals and visitors alike—starting with craft spirits and beer.

To help spread the word, the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau has created The Long Island Craft Beverage Trail. Navigate its website and you’ll find the carefully curated trail itself, alongside recipes, event listings, and even videos featuring some of Long Island’s best chefs.

“When people think of Long Island, they think of beaches, golf, and the Hamptons,” says Kristen Matejka, LICVB’s director of marketing. “We wanted to take a look at other stories that we could tell about Long Island and some of the amazing things we have here. So, of course, the winery industry has just grown tremendously in the past 30 years—but along with that, our region has grown an incredible assortment of craft beer and spirits.”

The Long Island Craft Beverage Trail is the flower that grew from the seed of this story.

“We wanted to say, ‘Hey, you can come out and enjoy our beaches, but make sure you take a look at what our local people are growing and crafting too,'” says Matejka. “I think it’s so important. When people come to a destination, they want to get a taste of what that destination has to offer. We really have that here.”

Nobody knows the truth of that statement quite like a regular reader of Edible. Every day, we tell you stories about what’s brewing here on Long Island. We’re thrilled that the LICVB has joined the conversation in such a meaningful way.

Long Island Craft Beverage TrailCheck out the Long Island Craft Beverage Trail here.