Baked on Long Island: The Pecan Crescent and Big Linzer Cookie at Rosie’s Room

If you’re yearning for a sweet treat just like Grandma used to make, look no further than Rosie’s Room Bake Shoppe & Café in North Massapequa. Nostalgia is a key ingredient in the homemade cakes, muffins, pies and cookies that fill the sparkling old-fashioned glass display case.

Owner, baker and Massapequa Park resident Michele Testaverde says she inherited her grandparents’ love of family, food and scratch baking. She named the cozy café after her grandmother Rosie, whose wedding portrait is lovingly displayed amidst a collection of vintage teapots. The soothing mauve walls, ceiling fans and brocade upholstery evoke a simpler era.

“I wanted to create that homey sense of Grandma’s house so that family and friends can sit, relax and enjoy something good,” says Testaverde.

While Testaverde likes to experiment with family recipes and change up the menu from time to time, the pecan crescent and big linzer cookie are two perennial customer favorites at Rosie’s Room. The pecan crescent is a generous, plump half moon cookie, delicately sweet and delectably crumbly. The big linzer cookie reimagines the traditional linzer torte and is a mouthful of crunchy almond goodness topped with a dollop of sweet raspberry jam.

Although she enjoys an occasional twist on the classics, Testaverde believes in sticking with ingredients that would have been found in her grandmother’s kitchen. “There’s nothing processed,” she says. “It’s all real butter, flour, real sugar, eggs and all that.”

In addition to satisfying your sweet tooth, stop by Rosie’s Room for breakfast or lunch; it features a selection of omelettes, crepes, French toast, salads, sandwiches, wraps and quiche.

Caffeine Fix: Rosie’s Room serves Farmingdale’s own Georgio’s Coffee. When selecting her coffee roaster, Testaverde researched options on Long Island that would enhance Rosie’s hometown ambiance. “We try to help out local businesses as much as possible,” she says.

Scenic Snacking: Curl up on the overstuffed settee along the south wall of Rosie’s Room, and allow yourself to dream a little and indulge in some Proustian remembrances of things past.