RECIPE: Brew Peace Out Plum Stout at Home

Alicia and Frank Filiachione milling grain for the brew day.

Alicia and Frank Filiachione milling grain for the brew day.

More than 50 pounds of grain, fruit and hops went into Peace Out Plum Stout, our collaboration with the Brewers Collective and Edible. Though the result was a rich spiced dark beer, now is actually the perfect time of year to get brewing. That’s why Tim Dougherty of the Brewers Collective helped us put together a homebrew recipe for Peace Out Plum Stout. The recipe will produce 10 gallons, but if you’d like to brew five just cut all the ingredients in half.

Peace Out Plum Stout
Grain Bill:
20lb 2-row barley
3lb caramel/crystal 60L malt
2lb flaked barley
1lb, 8oz chocolate malt
1lb roasted, unmalted barley

2oz Rakau hops

3-4 lbs of plums

Ginger root
Aleppo pepper
Urfa pepper
Cinnamon stick

Your favorite English or American ale yeast


Mill your grain, then mash at around 152 degrees for 60 minutes

Sparge with 170 degree water, collecting wort until the pre-boil kettle volume is around 12 gallons. A recirculating mash can also be used here.

Bring the liquid to a boil and hold for 90 minutes.

During the boil, add fruits and spices as indicated below:

At the 45 minute mark, add hops.

Use your plate or immersion chiller to cool your wort to fermentation temperature.

Transfer to a fermenter and pitch your yeast.


The spice amounts are left blank because it’s somewhat subjective based on how much spice you want to come through in the stout. To approximate the original recipe, one should add “a dash” of the Aleppo and Urfa peppers as well as a slice of fresh ginger and 2-5 ounces of plums (smush them first with your hands to break the skin and expose the fruit and juices inside. It’s fun!) every 15 minutes throughout the boil. At the end, add in the rest of the smashed plums, a stick of cinnamon and a about two tablespoons of diced ginger.

Homebrewers: If you decide to recreate Peace Out Plum Stout at home please send us photos. Happy brewing and we hope you enjoy the result as much as we did!

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