My Creperie: A Taste of Europe in Wading River

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Off the beaten path on a bucolic country road in Wading River, My Creperie will transport you to a quaint European café. Inside, French bistro music is playing, and the smell of freshly made crepes is divine. The look has a casual bistro flair, and you are quickly greeted by a young, friendly German woman. Meet Yasemin Nasta who, with her American husband Robert, opened My Creperie in July 2015.

“We had an overwhelming response from the community,” says Nasta. “We opened mid-week and people just started coming in. Random strangers would come up to us and pat us on the shoulder. Some would bring us flowers or plants, and others, when they found out I was from Germany, brought us German bread from the bakery. Everybody knew this place before we came in, when it was a pizza place. They were so happy we were here, and brought this place back to life. The response was just incredible.”

When Nasta, who born and raised in Germany, was a child her mother made crepes all the time. Any leftover food would ultimately make its way into a crepe. Creperies were found everywhere in Germany. As a child, Nasta’s favorite crepes had Nutella in them.

“Our most popular dessert crepe is the strawberry, banana and Nutella crepe. Eating that crepe gives you an excuse to sin,” she says. “It’s my favorite one.”

Yasemin married Robert Nasta three years ago. They were both entrepreneurs and wanted to open up a business together. Week after week they’d sit over dinner, eating crepes, and wondering what they could do.

“After weeks of wondering, ‘What should we do?’ we realized it was the crepe,” she says. “Doing something extraordinary takes a lot of guts. We decided to do it even though a lot of voices were against it. Common sense thinkers said it wouldn’t work.”

The couple has proved them all wrong with their constant flow of customers.

“Everyone loves crepes,” she adds. “The community here is very well-traveled. They’ve been to places where they’ve had crepes. They have a memory for that crepe, and they come here and want to re-create it. So we do that.”

At My Creperie, the sky’s the limit. In addition to the extensive menu, the restaurant will make anything a customer wants. They serve sweet and savory crepes, about a dozen of each kind. Breakfast crepes are served all day, and the most popular is the bacon, egg and cheese. For lunch and dinner, the egg whites with spinach, and the thin sliced roast beef with spinach and cheese, prove to be favorites. There are so many wonderful combinations. Unique savory crepes include fresh basil, toasted garlic, diced onions, sun-dried tomatoes and provolone, as well as the smoked salmon, fresh spinach, diced red onions, and cream cheese crepe.

For dessert, along with a variety of Nutella crepe combinations, crepes filled with cannoli cream, sliced strawberries and homemade whipped cream, and s’mores crepe, which has graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate chips, are available.

For an extra dollar you can add two brownie “meatballs.”

If crepes aren’t enough, Nasta makes a German specialty called Spaghetti-Ice: vanilla ice cream that looks likes spaghetti with raspberry sauce and white chocolate shavings. For an extra dollar you can add two brownie “meatballs.” Milkshakes, root beer floats, egg creams and ice cream are also available.

Crepes are generally around $8.50, but can range from $5.50 to $11.25 depending on the filling. The best part is that customers can also watch them being made. It takes some skill, although the Nastas make it look easy.

“We have hired wonderful staff with culinary backgrounds, and we trained them how to make authentic crepes. It takes some practice,” says Yasemin.

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Between the crepes and the simple atmosphere, walking into My Creperie is like walking into pure comfort.

“The feeling here is very welcoming,” Nasta adds. “It’s not supposed to be stiff. I wanted a very comfortable feel. Some people have come in their pajamas, and I love it! They come in here and have their coffee and their crepe, and they sit down and read the paper.”

Because there has been such an outpouring of support from the community, the Nastas wanted to give back. They offer a 10 percent discount to teachers, bus drivers, police, fire fighters and EMTs. Veterans get a 15 percent discount, and active duty military who come in uniform and have ID, get a 100 percent discount – free!

My Creperie is on Sound Road near the duck pond, and is open Wednesday through Monday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are closed on Tuesdays.